Friday, April 2, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #14

Happy first Friday!  It's April 2nd.  Did anyone have the nerve to prank you yesterday?  I remember last year when all of the sites that are typically known for their epic April Fools Day pranks were like "um yeah, we're 3 weeks into a pandemic, I think we're going through enough right now."  Kinda still feels that way so tomfoolery in these parts!

Here's some eats for this week.

Sunday I made 2 oz lentil pasta with 2 large zukes and shallots with low sodium marinara and an arugula spinach salad.

Workout was lower body strength.

Monday was grilled General Tso's with caulirice and pineapple.

Workout was Anna's cardio for a 400 calorie burn.

Tuesday was maple orange roughy, sweet potato gnocchi and Brussels sprouts.

Workout was MBF day 3 arm strength torture session.

Wednesday was a carrot noodle stir fry modified from this recipe.

Workout was 2 laps around the hood even though it was windy and cold.

Thursday was BBQ shrimp and grits made with bone broth.

Workout was Insanity Max Cardio Challenge.

Now it's time to peep at...

Watch Out for These COVID-19 Vaccination Scams  (A-holes abound and this is the perfect scenario to strike.)

Working Out at Home? Here Are 8 Low-Impact Cardio Routines That'll Leave You Drenched  (Holy crap these are GREAT workouts and no jumping around!)

6 Health Benefits of Cabbage, According to Nutritionists  (I've got an extra head, I should probably get to that.)

The Brain-Healthy Reason You Should Make Checklists, From Neurologists  (I always feel much better when I have one.)

What Is EMDR? How This Therapy Is Used for PTSD  (Fascinating stuff.  I briefly mimicked a session when we were watching The Affair and they talked about it.  Oddly enough, it brought back stuff from the day my dad left which was really strange but I was freaked how quickly it brought those things forward.)

From Rage Rooms to Scream Clubs: Can They Help Your Mental Health?  (I saw a car smashing place that I'm seriously considering.)

Riley Keough Revealed She Trained to Be a Death Doula—Here's What That Means, According to Experts  (Wow, I had no idea such a thing existed.  Very interesting concept and I'm sure healing for her after her brother's death.)

I think we're going to start getting to a bit of organizing and stuff.  At least that's the plan.  Oh crap, it's Easter weekend!!  Um yeah, so we'll be doing that too.  I've already got honey baked ham frozen from when they did a bogo on slices so I suppose we'll throw together a few sides too and call it a day.  

Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Organizing sounds good. And Easter! Everyone have a great weekend and happy Easter.

  2. I'm going to soak in this 3 day weekend. We are going rogue for Easter ordering Chinese. Some reno work,some little time and doggo walks, thats it!

  3. Hoping for a calm and joyful weekend with nice weather in which to fling open the windows and get the mustiness out. And hopefully work will be calm and drama-free as well. Enjoy Easter weekend!!


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