Monday, April 5, 2021

Our EasteR weekend

Did anyone get the clue in the title of how we spent Easter?  

Wanna look at it again?
Does this help?

If you said ER, you win...I don't know, respect.  LOL

Let me tell you a story.

On March 14th, the Mr and I went for a walk around the cemetery where a lot of my family is buried.  I wore toe condoms to keep friction from getting the better of me on the places I tend to blister.  This usually works really well for me.  When we were done, we went to the grocery store, I made dinner and I forgot I had them on and I'd say they were probably on for about 4 hours which is the longest I ever had them on.  I peeled them off and didn't think much of it.  Seven days later, I noticed the top of my big toe hurt, was red and had a bit of a bump on it.  Two days later it hurt so bad, the Mr couldn't even touch it without me rocketing to the ceiling when I asked him to look at it.  In feeling around the area, I detected a bump under my toe in the space between the bottom of the toe pad and just above where the toe meets the foot.  (I would consider this the back of the knee type area but with the big toe.)  That freaked me out because 1) I hadn't felt that before and 2) blood clots run in my family and 3) I share a blood supply with the couch and am on hormonal birth control which ups risk for blood clots.  I took pics and did a telehealth visit and the doctor suspected cellulitis based on the whole skin not being able to be touched thing.  (And by the way, it has nothing to do with cellulite.  LOL)  The only way that toe could've been exposed to staph was the day we went on that walk and if there was the slightest cut or break in the skin, that was the only avenue it needed.  I took the Cephalexin prescribed to me and in a few days the pain on top of the toe went away.  The bump wasn't getting any better so I assumed it wasn't related.

Everything I was reading was saying the different things it could be and I decided to wait it out because most of the things were things you had to either wait and see if it got worse or they would potentially go away on their own.  Friday and Saturday I felt like it was getting bigger.  I was looking at podiatrists and then in the middle of the night when I pointed my toe, I could actually feel it which meant it had gotten even bigger.  I started having an anxiety attack and the Mr was talking me through it, bless his heart.  When I got up, it was getting painful and then I was wondering if we were dealing with a clot.  Off to the ER we went.  Guess what happens five minutes after we're sitting in the lobby?  Some couple comes in and he coughs and she says they think he has Covid.  (As you read last week, we have not been able to find vaccine appointments yet.)  Then he proceeds to sit as close to us as humanly possible without sitting on the couch we're on.  Then two ladies comes in and she starts sneezing.  I walk up to the receptionist and ask her if we can wait outside the doors because we're not comfortable with the amount of people sneezing and coughing in there.  She said it was fine.  Five minutes later the nurse grabs us to go back and is asking all of the usual check in questions.  He asks if we have any of the symptoms of Covid and I answer no.

"Have you been exposed to Covid in the past 14 days?"
"In the lobby."
He kind of laughed and said "we don't know that he's positive yet!"
"Yeah but that's why he's here."

It was really irritating because *I* can feel this lump quite prominently even though it doesn't stick out Quasimodo style especially if you compare it to the other toe but I felt the nurse and doctor's assistant weren't quite in the right spot until I practically put a laser pointer on it.  He said he thought I was still battling the cellulitis and that it was trying to turn into an abscess.  He said Bactrim is likely the best way to treat it along with warm compresses and foot soaks to help drain it on its own.  If it did turn into an abscess then he would have to drain it and he said that's not the route we want to go if we don't have to.  To make sure we weren't dealing with a clot though, he ordered a venous ultrasound.  They brought the fun to us and started at the groin and worked down to the ankle.  She had to push hard to get the picture and then would press the calf to make sure the blood circulation was good and there was no pooling.  She took us on a tour of my veins, arteries and tendons which she said were in excellent condition.  Very good circulation and clear arteries.  I told her of the parts I was concerned about since my dad's side has horrible veins.  She checked all of the areas and said it all looked really good and no clot because it would affect things higher up.  Half an hour later the doc came in and gave me a script for Bactrim and got that all squared away.  He really stressed doing the warm compresses and soaks to exorcize the demon.  


I hope everyone else had a great Easter if you celebrate!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I know it was not an ideal way to spend any day, much less Easter, but at least you now have some peace of mind and hopefully they gave you the right antibiotics to nip this in the bud!

  2. I'm so glad you're okay!
    Hopefully on the mend! I spent the weekend building new screen doors and fighting with my cordless drill. Finally bought a corded one. Chinese for Easter dinner, def a first.

  3. I am so sorry you had to go through that. How aggravating on so many levels!! Hopefully this treatment will do the trick and you can be fully healed.

    Weekend was okay. Very tired from work, but that's normal. Spaghetti Bake turned out pretty good but today will be the greater test since I think pasta tastes better the next day, so I'll better assess it after dinner. It was nice having all the dishes done though so clean up was just two plates, two forks and a serving spoon. lol Felt like this weekend went by really fast for some reason.

  4. This probably does not apply to you, but thought I would pass on the info just in case. My friend’s husband ended up in ER with cellulitis, maybe a couple times, it started with feet and spread to groin. He ended up in hospital for about a week. A couple months later, all three of them (wife, husband, adopted 13 year old daughter) were tested for Covid antibodies. These are three people who are not genetically related. And all three had NO symptoms, all year. All three tested positive for antibodies, so they had all had it, with no symptoms. And his doctors now think he had covid before the cellulitis and the cellulitis was a residual side effect.

  5. I hope this round of treatment is a winner for you.


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