Friday, August 7, 2015

Quick hello and what I'm reading this week

We've made it to Friday, friends!  Can I get a halleluyer?  

I've got so much to get done today that I'm just going to skip the pleasantries and get straight to...

Isometrics: The Secret to Gaining Strength—Without Moving a Muscle  (Tighten up, yo!)

25 Raucous, Road-Trippy Facts About the Original 'Vacation'  (The ONLY Vacation!!)

An exercise scientist told us the biggest mistake people make when they decide to eat healthy  (Word up)

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale File for Divorce  (So sad for her.  She always seemed a little more invested to me than he did)

7 Things to Know Before Starting Chemotherapy  (Good things to know if you or someone you know is facing this)

Dave Grohl responds to 1,000 rockers who played 'Learn to Fly'  (If you didn't see the original awesome video he's responding to, click here to view it first.  Makes me teary every time I see it)

There’s a Drone Flying Over My House. Can I Shoot It?  (I'm sorry but I should be allowed to blow that effer out of the sky if it's flying in front of my window spying on me.  Period)

Bones, Sleepy Hollow Crossover Plot Scoop: 'It's Like a Great X-Files Episode'  (I don't know about this because I don't watch Bones but hopefully it's not a huge mistake.  Sleepy Hollow has a lot to prove this season)

Benefits of weight loss surgery diminished after five years  (Interesting read)

13 Inspiring Ways to Decorate Exposed Brick  (What I wouldn't give to have a home with exposed brick like the one we had in Charleston!)

Mark Hamill Gives the Galaxy’s Most Amazing Autographs  (Courtesy of the Mr)

Mom Saves Letter For 20 Years To Give To Daughter On Her Wedding Day  (If this doesn't touch you on some level, I question your status as a human)

Prepare Yourself: Pumpkin Spice Peeps Are Becoming a Reality  (I'm not sure what I think about these but I picture one roasted over a campfire between two Biscoff cookies)

10 Silent Signals You're Way Too Stressed  (Good things to watch for)

The Perils of Obesity Prejudices  (Truly the last acceptable prejudice.  You won't find anyone starting a petition against some boss ragging on a employee's weight or something like that like you would on basically EVERY other social issue)

Todd’s 110-Pound Weight Loss: ‘Enjoy the Process of Changing Your Life’  (Good for him!)

This Chihuahua Puppy Who Thinks She's A Goat is Hilariously Adorable  (OMG!  That waggy tail!  That bouncy hop!  You're welcome!)

We've got company coming tomorrow night for dinner.  I'm going to prep as much as I can today so I can enjoy time with our friend tomorrow.

What kind of tomfoolery are you getting into this weekend?

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  1. Just when it really started to feel like the week was dragging, it's Friday!! Everybody have a great weekend!

    1. I know, I was lamenting it was only Thursday the other day then BOOM...Friday!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and have never commented before, but wanted to share this article with you since both of you are doing the whole water sports thing now. Not sure where you live, but this may apply to your neck of the woods. Regardless, it's just good info to know about. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that, Angie! We are pretty petrified of dams and typically stay away from rivers. We did check out a site the other day that had a launch 400 ft from a dam with the buoys and stuff but we aren't sure about it. We like to be like TLC and stick to the rivers and the lakes that we're used to.

      Feel free to comment anytime and have a great weekend!

  3. Tomorrow I'm leading a meeting in the morning, then I'm wide open. I just bought a new bedding set that arrived (autumn-ish colors of course) that I'm hoping to work on. I'm not on-call (only one more weekend to go with that) so I'm thrilled to be free from a phone attached to my hip. I could use some serious down time after this week. Enjoy your weekend with your friend!!!

    1. Ooh send me a pic of the bedding when it's all situated. No phone attached to the hip is a good thing. Especially when it's at a place that doesn't appreciate you. I'm glad you got a massage. Any little bit helps when you're going through as much crap as you're handling right now. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh yeah, I got my first-ever massage at work today! They do them for free once a month, so I figured I'd try it before I leave. It was only about 10 minutes, but she was fantastic and really helped my shoulder tension. Excellent experience, especially since it was free!

  5. Okay, you want to know what I take away from all that great reading? How in the world is Bones still even on TV?!?!? I swear, more good shows get cancelled on a regular basis and I've tried watching that one a few times as I love forensic anthropology as much as the next girl...but it is so formulaic I just couldn't even take it. I'm shocked it's still on TV and I sure do hope that doing a crossover with Sleepy Hollow isn't a mistake!!


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