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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hobblin' hooky day

Yesterday the Mr took a sick day because he was completely and utterly beat.  He did work super hard all weekend and is still recovering from his arm injury from last week.  It was a beautiful day, mid 70's, sunny and staying inside seemed like a waste of a day.  Once the Mr felt a little better, he suggested a trip to the zoo and I bit.  How can I pass up a chance to see otters and other furry friends?

It kind of stunk that walking around for 3 hours only warranted about 760 calories burned for me but it was better than sitting at home with bad soaps on in the background.

Because we had a late breakfast, we brought a protein bar with us in case we got hungry.  By the time we left, we were famished of course.  We had a long drive home so instead of driving home and then having to make a lunch, we decided to swing by Subway so we didn't eat our hands.  I got a footlong turkey breast on 9 grain wheat because it was more protein and only 60 calories more than if I got a side of Sun Chips and a 6" sub.  It was okay.  You know how it all can tend to taste the same no matter what meat.  I hopped online to enter my sandwich and almost keeled from the sodium content.  1800 effing milligrams of sodium...are you kidding me!?!  I knew it wasn't low but crap man, seriously??  So that was our last trip to Subway.  If I'm eating 1800 mg of sodium, it's going to have some actual taste.


The trail walk we did Thursday really screwed both of us up because like idiots we didn't roll or stretch and our hips paid for it.  You throw all the walking and workout we did Sunday (Turbo Fire) and then walking for 3 hours at the zoo and our legs were toast.  I told the Mr I was doing yoga and he said he'd do it with me so we did a 35 minute session in the basement and I felt much looser.  I rolled a little more to attempt to get the big ol' knots out of my calves.

I slacked Sunday on meal planning so I got that done, we watched a little tube and that was that.

What's your favorite zoo animal?

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  1. I love the gorillas, so majestic!

  2. It was a great day out. I really needed that and it recharged me. Ready for the rest of what the week has to offer now!

  3. I saw the giant pandas at the National Zoo when I was a kid and it's still a highlight. Otherwise, I like the elephants.

  4. In one of yesterday's comments you said that the owner wanted to stop by to see the basement. Maybe you should let him, and take the opportunity to say "yeah, he did a good job, but he's got a lousy attitude..."

    I love the zoo. The otters are my favorite, but they just barely squeak ahead of the lemurs and monkeys and polar bears and penguins and... I'm glad you had a good day yesterday to make up for your crappy weekend.

  5. Love the wildcats, all kinds: LEOPARDS, LIONS, TIGERS, etc. When we were in D.C. in 2013 and visited the Smithsonian National Zoo, I loved the Giant Pandas, and have been watching with much interest (and cheering for) the birth of the Panda twins earlier this week. They are so much fun to watch, even though they don't do a whole lot, other than sit and eat bamboo. Then of course there's the monkeys and apes, which are so much like us in so many ways. Fascinating!

  6. I love just about all the zoo animals. My mom used to give tours in the lion house and ape/gorilla house at Brookfield when I was younger (took classes for 3 years just to be a volunteer!) so I have a special affinity for those two. I haven't been to the zoo in years and I'd really like to go again, maybe to the one in Madison or Milwaukee.


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