Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts

My body is trying to tell me something.  I am uncontrollably biting my nails back and my face is breaking out like I'm a pubescent school girl.  I don't know why exactly.  We have company coming this weekend and she likes to see our vacation video/pics so I don't know if the pressure of having to throw it together in a week when we've had...oh, 2 months to do it could have something to do with it but it feels like there's something more and I can't put my finger on it.  In the meantime, let's pray my Olay facial wash does its job.

I did a little more bean therapy last night and finished off the green beans with our chicken tacos.  I did a little more than blanch them so they were a more traditional texture instead of having that bite fresh beans can have.  I just wish I could add a little salt to them but I don't need it.

I'm getting excited.  Our friend Sam is going to be on Chopped Sunday!  I hope you guys tune in to Food Network to give our local boy some support.  I think you'll see why we think he's a sweetheart.

I fiddled with a new push pop recipe yesterday that I'll likely be sharing this week.  I learned something...marshmallows float even in smoothie consistency drinks.  Are you intrigued?  No?  Fine, who asked you?  HA!  I keed, I keed.

I got the sweetest thank you card from a friend we met up with.  I'm so glad to see that not everyone has abandoned this practice.  It may seem old fashioned and why bother sending a note when you can just email or text?  1)  You can't text me.  I don't use a cell phone.  I work from home, that's where you can call me, on my Jurassic land line.  If I'm out, I want to enjoy myself and who I'm with not hear about what the dude in the parking lot is doing, where you're going for dinner or some random gripe session thereby harshing my mellow.  2)  It's (thank you notes in case my rant got you off track) personable and I like seeing people's handwriting.  When someone close to me passes away, what do you think comforts me more to look back on...an email with a sentiment in Helvetica or a Christmas card that may have nothing more than "Love you, Great Grandma and Grandpa" handwritten in it?  I'll take the card/note hands down every time.

We did a kick butt workout last night and I'm feeling it today fo' sho.  I love and hate hard workouts.  Let's you know you did something...it also can pull random muscles and make you walk funny.

I think that's enough randomness for today, you think?

Tell me something random about your day yesterday (or today if it's been eventful).

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  1. you crack me up! It appears you may be on "shuffle" today LOL

  2. Randomness from yesterday? I haven't been to the beach this summer and it is nearly over! And I need still to get back to walking but it is too hot. Have a great day!

  3. Although I do have a cell phone I still appreciate a handwritten note. Just read an opinion piece in Sunday's paper about cursive writing becoming a lost art. They are hardly teaching it in school anymore, cause nobody uses/needs it. I took a college class last Fall and most of the kids in there had laptops. I, of course, had my spiral bound notebook and took notes the old fashioned way.

    I have several recipes in my (old fashioned) recipe box that were handwritten by my mother, my husband's mother and his grandmother (all of whom have passed away). Those recipes are so precious to me. I have decided that this year for Christmas, I am going to WRITE out several recipes on recipe cards, things that are each of my 3 boys' favorites and put them in a recipe box. That way, not only will their wives have the recipes they loved as a kid so they can make that stuff for them, but it will be a nice remembrance of me after I'm gone. I realize my sons will probably never even look at the recipe cards and my daughter-in-laws aren't my daughters, but sons is all I had, so I'm doing it anyway. Maybe someday, my d-i-l will pass the recipe box on to her daughter, and she can have some nice memories of her Grandma Pam. To me, nothing brings back memories faster than an old handwritten card from someone who is gone. LOVE IT!

  4. I cherish my notes and recipes in my grandma's handwriting. I still have a note my dad wrote to me when I was in college--he NEVER wrote letters so that rarity is a keeper for sure since he is now gone. Love to get snail mail--so much more personal. I'm not always good at sending it out however so I need to do that more. Uh, my hip is all wonky today and making me feel like I'm 90--how's that for random?

  5. I am right there with you on the hand written notes. although my writing is SO messy, i tend to type my messages instead. Note to self, take a class in hand-writing!

    I have a huge stash of cards that i have saved over the years. very cool thing, my Grandma Josie, she was a card and letter saver too. had a file cabinet with a folder for each of us grandkids. when she passed, my Mom had the job of cleaning out the file cabinet. not knowing what was in it.

    Mom said my file folder was the fullest. yay me! now i can take the letters i wrote to her and bounce them off of the ones she wrote to me. it is like a conversation with Grandma. Awesome!!

  6. I have a tendency to hoard that I fight with everything I have in me. Certainly I'm not as bad as those people who end up in the news or on reality TV, but greeting cards, even those with just a handwritten signature on them, could eventually fall on me and smother me like that poor guy and his newspapers. So I do my best NOT to save them. But I have a letter my grandfather wrote to me in Spanish when I was studying it, and several recipe cards in my grandmother's handwriting, that I do cherish. One of these days I'm going to do some sort of memorial craft with them. Along with the two very large boxes of unsorted photographs in my basement.

  7. I am so with you on the cell thing. I have one, but it's like 5 years old and I hardly ever use it. I don't text either. I still send hand written notes to people frequently. It's sad to me that it's a dying art, writing, that is.

    I have felt super stressed lately and was biting my nails. It's that I have so much going on and it's expensive. I am helping throw a bridal shower, and have been to several, and several weddings. I am in a wedding in Sept, and we really can't afford it, but it's for my husband's sister, so it sort of has to be done. :/ My dress is $150 and I am going to have to have it re-sized, as I did with the one in May when I was in another wedding. This stuff is not my thing. I hate being in front of people, and we never even had a wedding ourselves because we couldn't afford it and I just didn't care. I know most women would love to be a bridesmaid, but to me it just sucks.

    Something about my day yesterday or today...hmm, my life is kind of boring, but I did do a long 6 mile run yesterday, which I am proud of, even though it was hard as hell with the humidity.

  8. I've started using OXY Clinical Advanced Face Wash. I only use it once a week (it's smelly and runny) but it WORKS.

  9. That's so cool. A good friend of ours will be on Chopped on Aug. 31, I think it is. Matt Murphy. He used to be the executive chef at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans and now has his own place, The Irish House, which is absolutely fantastic. He's from Dublin and has quadruplet little girls who look to be around three or four and an 18 month old daughter... FIVE little red-haired darlings. God help him. lol I'll be pulling for Sam. You pull for Matt! He's so sweet. He comes out of the kitchen with his apron on to play his bodhran (Irish drum) with our friends, the Crescent City Celtic Band. It's a LOT of fun there!

  10. I wish I could get rid of my addiction to my cell phone...grrr!!! However, I still send handwritten notes and cards too....so hopefully that makes up for it a little. :)

    PS. I love reading people's random thoughts.

  11. Random for the day... I had to have my car fixed today and while the mechanic was in there he found some other stuff wrong (of course) so the bill doubled. I'm glad it's fixed, but between my car and hubby's last week that's a small fortune gone to car repair in a week.

    Good random - tonight the little guy has a pool party as a reward for the library's summer reading program. At least that will be fun.

  12. You're probably better off without a cell phone. Mine is in my hand 24/7. Even when I'm on the computer. It's a sickness!

    I'm sorry you're stressed out. I have breakouts all the time, so be glad you just get them once in a while. ;)

    Oh, and here's something random for you--I started using workout videos! 100% because of you. I always thought I would hate doing them, but it really is a much better workout than going it alone. I'm determined to lose the weight I gained back. So thank you for that!

  13. We'll be sure to tune in on Sunday--I emailed myself for the reminder! Random thought: will the catepillar lumps in my breast from the car accident ever go away? Looks like I may be getting my mammogram on one peach only! LOLOLOLOL!!


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