Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Idiot - Weigh In

Up 2.

Dear Idiot.  Yeah, you...the one writing this post.

You know the myriad of ways you screwed up last weekend right?  You said you were going to flip flop your high cal day to Sunday, you didn't.  You should've made the correct decisions that were in front of you, you didn't.  Not only that, you said "hey let's see how much sweet crap I can stuff into my piehole!" on a day you're not supposed to do it because you already HAD sweet stuff the day before!

You broke a promise to yourself and no pep talk anyone would try to give you to ease your poor broken ego would help...that promise broken is the biggest thing you need to remember.  If you can't keep a promise to yourself then you've got a LOT of work to do to ever get where you're wanting to go.  You wonder why you've been stuck for so long?  Evaluate...the answer is in front of you.  If you'd like to continue bouncing between the same 3-5 pounds for the rest of your life, keep this crap up.  You'll never ride a roller coaster, zipline or indoor skydive at this rate.

You need some new ground rules because the old ones aren't working anymore.  So you just go out and enjoy the day you have planned today (within reason) and tomorrow, sit down and get real with yourself and the Mr.


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