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Friday, August 14, 2015

TGIF and what I'm reading this week

Welcome to your weekend all!  (I spelled it weeknd at first.  Must be that kick ass song still floatin' around the melon)  

It's been a draggy kind of week so I'm glad the weekend is here.  We've got some busy weeks coming up so the weekend will be particularly sought after until the end of the month.    But enough of the busy stuff, let's get to...

Will Closing Your Doors Save You Money on Heating and Cooling?  (I guess I'll be keeping the office door open)

10 Things You Should Never Do on a Road Trip  (I have a good road trip buddy)

$1 Fix for Saggy Couch Cushions  (DAMN I wish I'd thought of this with our many loose pillowed couches!)

10 Ways to Recover After Your Workout — Fast   (Dang did I need this this week!)

3 Genius Ways to Deal With Popcorn Ceilings  (Not that I have them but I saw some on Home Free earlier this week)

Beware! This Plant Can Cause Blindness and 3rd-Degree Burns  (Courtesy of the Mr...he's spreading awareness to keep your eyes and skin safe)

How Much Protein Do I Need Each Day?  (Adjusting my numbers slightly)

Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon on How the Band ‘Outlasted the Haters’ to Become ‘Cool Again’  (Any Durannie knows they were always cool...well except Red Carpet Massacre but still)

Lenovo used a hidden Windows feature to ensure its software could not be deleted  (Well this was going to be my new laptop.  Not anymore.)

The Best Workout Ever, According to Science  (Now I will have Thomas Dolby in my head all day)

Why This Video of a Little Boy Trying to Get His White Belt Is Going Viral  (Um, because he's friggin' adorable about 10 seconds in)

17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery  (Did I mention I REEEALLY needed this this week?)

Playful Deer and Rabbit’s Heartwarming Antics Caught on Camera  (I'm sure you've seen it but in case you haven't)

Last night we unintentionally paddled just over 5 miles.  The Mr had a continuation of his overtime after dinner so I popped on the KCSM jazz station in San Fran and relaxed a bit.  I think today will be focusing on lower body for the workout because dang my hands are calloused and blistered!  I'm looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.  Some friends invited us to a fair out of town.  We'll have to see if we're in the mood for that tomorrow morning.  If not, I have no clue what we're doing tomorrow.

What are you guys into this weekend?

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  1. Yeah that was quite a paddle last night. We really have come a long way this summer in terms of our stamina and it's funny but I honestly don't see other paddlers out anywhere near as long as we are most times. When I wanted a paddleboard I thought it would be a great workout and also a great way to relax but we do very little relaxing and a lot of paddling. I'm cool with that!

  2. I will be working today and Saturday, and then Sunday is our last day with our son before he heads to Ft. Benning for Army basic training. So we will be doing whatever feels right at the time and enjoying it. Tuesday we go to Milwaukee to watch him take his oath and say goodbye at the airport. I'm probably going to be a mess of emotions.

  3. I just got done with an 11 hour day and I'm pooped! Plus I'm on-call --booooo.... But only 2 weeks to go! Tomorrow we are taking mom to my uncle's nursing home for his 80th b-day lunch in Naperville. Then she has plans with some friends so she'll head thataway and we'll head on back home to the pups. Then it's just housework and possibly grocery shopping if I'm up to it. But there is so much in the freezer I really need to just starting pulling things out and planning meals around it. My knee has been a mo-fo for me so this humidity is not helping. I'm limp-a-long Cassidy --so naturally the dogs know this and like to body slam me. They are in cahoots I'm sure of it.

  4. This weekend I have to get ready to go back to school. That means I have to go shopping and find some slacks that fit. Sigh. I hate shopping, that's why I put it off so long, but at least I'm buying smaller sizes rather than bigger sizes this year.

    I had hope for the grocery saving article, but then I found out I already do everything suggested there. Too bad, I'd like to save more.
    I have popcorn ceilings in some of my room, and I'd love to be rid of them without scraping. The wood plank look is great. I think I just found my first summer project for next summer. Now I just have to remember.
    I'm definitely going to be in line for the pumpkin mini wheats.


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