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Monday, August 10, 2015

Basement solution, visiting with friends and Sunday workout

Happy Monday all!

It was one of those weird weekends where you have a bit of the mundane with a pop of awesome and back to mundane.

Friday, after much pestering, we finally got a call back from the basement dude.  We pulled off the insulation, found a crack that we weren't pleased with and sent him pics two weeks ago.  Since then it's been nothing but phone tag and waiting.  We got a hold of the home owners association and asked if they heard anything and they said the proposal was sent and approved the day before.  It would've been nice to know what they were proposing before they submitted it.  We finally got a call and I guess they're going to fill the crack with some polymer and then the next day they'll apply some coating that makes the concrete non porous.  It's supposed to be stinky so they'll set up some fan system and asked how they'd have access to the house.  Uh...we'll be letting you in and out because I'm not one of those people who is going to allow you free reign of our home.  I'm praying it's not so bad we can't sleep two floors up because it's just not in the budget right now for a hotel and camping out on family's floor doesn't sound appealing either.  We'll just open all of the windows in the house because I'm sure we won't be able to run the A/C with that stuff marinating in the basement.   So that night we cleaned the house and went to the grocery store to get stuff for a cookout with a friend who was going to be in town Saturday.

We had lunch and a glance to the patio area that was finally open for once this season showed a few of our plants had bit the dust.  Since we didn't want to have the place look like poo, we decided to go to Home Depot to see what they had.  They had a butt load of mums and I'm not quite ready for those yet so it was that or other sad looking plants.  We decided to head to the nursery up the street and see if they had anything better.  They pretty much waved the white flag on the plants as well and had mums that weren't ready in the greenhouse.  We did see some beautiful begonias with huge blooms but they also looked like they wouldn't do well in full sun.  We found these ornamental peppers in the fall section and the Mr liked the "heat miser plant" so we got those for the top box where the zucchini died a slow death.  Then we found a half off mini hibiscus for the coffee sack planter and the Mr planted them all for me.

Our friend came over that evening and I was happy to get the opportunity to recreate (and hopefully improve upon) the Pungi Patty from Slabtown Burgers in Traverse City.  I made fries but used too much olive oil.  I always do that when I cook for guests, something always goes culinarily awry.  I made a Biscoff Apple Crumb Pie.  I'm always happy to have an occasion to bake a pie since it would be dangerous for us to keep one around just between us and sent a hefty piece home with him.  But we had a nice visit and three hours flew by too fast for my liking but he had to get back on the road to Chi-town so we bid him adieu and feel lucky we got to see him twice in one year.

Sunday was grocery day.  We were totally out of fish except for salmon and mahi burgers so we had to stock back up.  A family size salmon, two mahi's and orange roughy.  Then lotsa freggies.  I had to keep my eye on a blob of rain sweeping across the radar since we were supposed to paddle for our workout.  So we went mid afternoon.  There were a lot of birdie friends out.

The first peeks of Fall are becoming more prevalent with every paddle.  I can't wait until we're in full brilliant foliage!

I burned about 1500 calories so I can't complain.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Weekend went really fast as usual but it was a very good one! Was great to see our friend and you made some awesome food, as usual! Great paddle and workout. We'll have to really cherish all the ones we get in the next couple months as that could be it until next year but what a great first season of paddling!

  2. First bits of fall?!? Eek - we are still well over 100 degrees this week!

  3. The boy had a sleepover Friday night, and his friends was here most of Saturday as well. Then there was lots of picking up to do (go figure right?) even though I made them do most of it. Sunday was a whole lotta nothing.

  4. We finished up back to school shopping and installed shelves in our laundry room. It was exciting stuff. Very pretty birds. My reward once I get down to 175 is to buy myself a kayak. I can't wait!

  5. I lead a meeting on Saturday morning, then chatted with a friend for a while. Did some grocery shopping and finally cleaned the heck out of the bedroom and put on the new bedding. Felt SO good to get that accomplished. Did a lot of emailing back and forth with mom and snuck in a nap. Lots of anxiety this weekend, but I hung in there. Love walking into my bedroom now and seeing the fall colors on the bed!

    1. I'll send some pics as soon as I get them uploaded!

  6. Sounds like it was a pretty decent weekend and I'm so glad you got to spend the time with your friend even if you did end up a sentimental mess as you noted over on my blog comments! I couldn't agree with you more though, letting people know what they mean in person is so important and we don't do it nearly enough. :-)


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