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Friday, June 14, 2013

Flora, Workout Change Up and Info Nuggets

Happy Aloha Friday all!  

Let me first do the equivalent of putting flowers on my desk at work and post the flowers the Mr got me the other night.  Aren't they purty?

Yes, I put them in a big ol' mason jar.  I kind of like the way it looks too.  :-)  Thanks honey!

Last night, I was physically unable to workout.  I mean, I couldn't lift my arm to grab the remote control without feeling like I was going to cry from the previous night's Total Trainer session.  The Mr and I both struggled through that session and we don't know why.  It's not like we just started strength training again or something so I don't know why the Total Trainer in particular would kick our asses into the ground.  I considered taking a rest day but decided I could muster a nice walk around the water as long as I didn't have to raise my arms for anything.  So off we went...

We enjoyed the wildflowers, the windsurfers out taking advantage of the gusts and the birds chillin' or hunting.  It was a nice walk and I'm so glad I remembered the sunscreen was in the car because I'd be a nice shade of red without it.  It wasn't a massive calorie burner for me at 580 calories but put me over my calorie burn goal for the week so I won't have to bust my hump on today's workout.

Here's some links to what I've been reading online this week:

Bird Nerds Unite!
(Yes, I'm a total bird nerd.  What of it?)

Do We Have "Sexual Peaks?"
(Inquiring minds (and libidos) want to know)

Fitness Blender
(Awesome website for free fitness vids)

Still Tasty- Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide

How Quick and Intense Workouts Can Help You Get More Fit

How to Grill:  Avoiding the Most Common Grilling Mistakes
(Because sometimes the "King of the Grill" is actually a queen!  Just ask my grill)

Foods That Keep You Feeling Full
(I'm down with that)

Style Mistakes That Age You
(FYI- this has a vid that starts automatically if you're at work and don't wanna be busted by the boss)

The Ultimate Guide to Healthier Baking (Infographic)

You Can Be Allergic to Water
(This includes me.  When we stay in Poipu on Kauai, after a few days, I break out in a rash especially on my arms but also a little on my legs.  As soon as we move over to Wailua, it goes away.  It happens no matter where we stay in Poipu.  Weird!)

Still waiting to hear back from a friend to see if we're road trippin' this weekend or not so no clue what our plans are for the weekend.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. I'm glad you like the flowers. They brighten up the living room. I enjoyed the walk yesterday. It was nice to discover a new walking path nearby that has been there for years but we never really knew about before. Definitely have to go there more often. I love being near water any chance I can get.

    1. Yes they do! They're on your "desk" today! :) We'll definitely go back I'm sure.

  2. That walk sounds nice - although I'm sure you had to lift your arms to take those great pictures. Thank you for risking the pain to share with us.

    We are heading out for a weekend of "cabin camping" as soon as I can get packed and hubby gets off work. I should probably get on that.

    1. Thankfully my P&S has a big ol screen on it so I didn't have to involve my shoulders at all but I'll pretend I risked the pain. :)

      Have a great weekend!

  3. That must have been some workout! I have been shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow and trundling it to the backyard, where I dumped it on my new garden area. I figure 40 loads, and since I obsessively count everything, I know that there were 25 shovels full of dirt for every load...maybe close to 200 pounds each load. I can still raise my arms, though my body aches a bit. But what really torques me is that I gained half a pound. Argghh!

  4. Trying to find the house I knew I lived in before the guests all arrived for the wedding last weekend- and on Sunday I'm headed to see Jersey Boys! ;)
    Have a good one.

  5. I had a workout like that this morning. Right in the middle of it, my quads started screaming. Go figure. :)

    Happy weekend!

    1. Yeah we encounter those every now and then and they let us know who is boss! :)

  6. Going to the oldest produce market in the LA basin; "Tom's Farms" on Sunday. Tomorrow, just futzing around but probably going to see "Before Midnight." Have a great weekend!

    1. I love going to markets like that! We're going to one in the morning, I hope. They have brussels so we'll have to get there early.

  7. Very pretty flowers! I have a green mason jar with the hinged lid as well that I use for flowers. =o) Weekend plans are a meeting in the morning then mom coming over for her birthday (such a special one given we didn't know if she'd be here for this birthday with the cancer stuff). For Father's Day the hubs is getting bolted thigh pads for his kayak (so excited to surprise him with those). Dogs will also go to the dog park. =o) Have a super duper weekend!

    1. Thank ya! You have good taste in vases. Hee hee.

      So glad your mom is here to celebrate and it'll be an extra special one, I'm sure! I'm sure the hubs will love his gift and the pups will enjoy the park!

  8. Love the flowers! I only own a huge vase and a tiny vase, so my flowers often get popped into a mason jar too. It's rustic! :) I hope you have a good weekend!

  9. I've always thought Po'ipu water tastes different than the rest of the island!


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