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Friday, June 21, 2013

Surreal stuff, Reads and Eats

Happy Summer!  92 days until Fall!  My countdown begins now!

Yesterday I was happily doing some activity on the computer when the news came on and I heard a familiar name.  I looked up and staring at me was the older face of the guy I brought home before the Mr in high school.  Now we never officially dated or anything, he told me I was too good for him and knew he'd screw up a great friendship.  But I knew he was broken, tried to show him the good side of life and we evenutally lost touch.  To see this man arrested for a crime just took my breath away.  I had seriously just tried to Facebook stalk him 2 weeks ago to see what he was up to but didn't know it would be 15 to life!  I sat there and cried.  I cried for the man I used to know.  The man I hoped would pull himself out of tragic circumstances and make something of his life instead of getting caught in a cycle of abuse.  I have a pic of us together in high school in parenting class and I hate that I'll never be able to look at that pic again without thinking of this now.  I watch Beyond Scared Straight...good friggin' luck dude.

I have been so bad about taking pics of my dinners consistently and I'm sorry about that.  I do have a few pics though if ya wanna see 'em.

Salmon burger on Hawaiian bun and a side of brussels.

Crab spinach alfredo

Spicy orange roughy over thai lime rice with a side of brussels and 1/4 slice uncured bacon.
I'm excited to go to the farmers market this weekend.  I want to pick up some good produce to grill up this week.  Maybe some zucchini, corn, peppers, etc.  Yum!

If you need some linkage to look at while the boss isn't looking, here's what I've been reading this week:

Nine "Healthy" Foods That Can Fool You
(And nobody likes to be a fool, yo)

How Often to Exercise
(Doesn't matter, still six days a week for us but was still curious)

Three Ways to Make Your Basic Strength Training More Challenging
(Sock it to me)

Why Do Pineapple Enzymes Tenderize Steak...and your tongue?
(Good Lord I hope not, I eat it almost every day!)

Kauai: Hawaii's Paradise
(It's good to know that Blane from Pretty in Pink appreciates our island now)

My Morning Routine: Kelly Slater, Pro Surfer
(I stumbled upon this post while reading a more current one.  I like to know what people eat.)

My Morning Routine: Justin Timberlake
(I told you...I'm nosey!)

Tips for Better Weekend Workouts
(Takin' notes on a few)

Weight Machine Exercises You Should Skip
(I don't know about skip but I'll take their alternatives)

Why Consistency Matters with Exercise
(You betcha!)

Now if you'll excuse me, Maniac by Michael Sembello just came on and I have some leg warmers in the basement.

Have a great weekend all!

Any interesting eats this week?  Read anything good?  Ever have a former crush or classmate go to prison?  Were you surprised or did you say "shocker" dripping with sarcasm?

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  1. I am soo sorry to hear about your high school friend. I can't even imagine finding that out about someone you had a connection with. You know I am here for you.

    You've intrigued me with some of those links so I know what distractions I will have today :-)

    1. I know. I thank you for being there for me last night when I was a total wreck. You are my rock.

  2. That is sad..sorry abt ur friend!!!:(

    on happier the crab pasta..yum!! huge fan of alfredo sauce..yum!!

    9 health foods that can fool u intrigued me!!

    1. Thanks.

      Yeah we don't have it often but when we do...yummy!

  3. I don't know of any former classmates specifically that have gone to prison, but it wouldn't surprise me to find that some had. I'm not pointing fingers in any particular direction, but I had a large graduating class so odds are yes.

    This has not been a good food week. I'm going shopping shortly though so hopefully next week will be full of yummy good stuff.

    I stumbled across a blog that is a zombie apocalypse story. I'm enjoying it, but I'm guessing it wouldn't fit your taste. I'm also reading "Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown because somehow I didn't read it before and the release of his new book reminded me.

    1. Oh - just remembered. Not a former classmate, but a former student of mine spent some time in prison. Sad day.

    2. Sometimes you'd be surprised who ends up with a record. I sure as heck didn't think this guy would do what he did. Get some good, healthy food in the house girl! ;-)

      Yeah, I'll let you enjoy the zombies. :) If I hear more about zombie anything, it'll be too soon. I hope it along with the mustache craze die a quick death.

  4. Have fun a the farmer's market. I need to look for one. We have a couple of local stores that have great fresh produce and fish, but it would be nice to wade through a market.

    1. Yes, there's just something about a farmers market. I especially love it when a temporary roadside stop sets up a permanent shop. I found two of those and I'm aiming to go soon!

  5. Farmer's Markets are awesome! I'll be heading to Whole Foods for some nectarines and plums and cherries. (okay, veggies too, but lets focus on the fun stuff.)

    Re Zombies, I LOVE the concept dealing with 'how society responds'...World War Z (THE BOOK) was amazing in that regard. I know the movie veers way off that course, so I'll be seeing it being very leery. I'm into the geo-politics of post-apocalyptic / zombie movies...not the blood and guts. Tough line to hoe. LOL

    Sorry about the high school friend, but had to LOL re the Facebook stalk. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Gwen - that's actually my interest in zombies too. What do people do when their world ends and they're not the top of the food chain anymore. I don't mind the blood and guts, but to me the real story is how the survivors cope.

  6. Sorry about your friend. :( It's always a strange feeling when something like that happens.

    I'm so over summer too. I look forward to it for all the fresh veggies and fruit, but I hate when you go outside for 5 minutes and end up with a pounding headache from the heat. Ugh.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I had that happen to me twice several years after high school. One guy I went to school with went to prison for assault/murder and another guy whom I was very close to for a couple of years ended up being stalked by his ex and had to have a restraining order (they had a kid together and he got custody). Very sad to see these situations...especially when they popped up on the local news!

    Had a super crappy week, but stayed on my food plan and didn't veer off once, so I feel good about that.

  8. Bummer about your's weird how life ends up sometimes! A few years back a guy I had seriously mad crushed on back in Jr. High before I met my own Mr. (who actually was childhood friends with this guy...small world!) was arrested for attempting to bomb the police. He actually rigged several bombs that never hurt anyone (Thank God!) while trying to take out the detective that was scheduled to testify against him in a drug case for, get this, marijuana!! It wasn't even big time drug stuff!!! He's spending the rest of his life in prison now...and I'm SO glad that I didn't end up with him back in the day.


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