Friday, June 9, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #23

It's Friday and they're baaaack!

Let's just jump into...

13 Homemade Weed Killers That Work  (The title is a little deceiving but there are good weed tips in there)

These 4 Words Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals in So Many Sneaky Ways  (Good to be aware of)

Aluminum Foil & 5 Other Common Kitchen Items That Are Toxic When Used to Cook  (Important to remember)

24 health 'facts' that are actually wrong  (Well bust my buttons!)

9 Ways to Actually Make Eating Well Fun This Summer  (Let the party begin)

Don't Let Loose Skin Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals  (True dat!)

19 Lower-Body Stretches for When Your Legs and Butt Are Sore As Hell  (I definitely used these our first week back in action)

Is Working From Home Making You Miserable?  (Good tips and I'll add make sure you get the hell outta the house on the weekend or you will begin to hate your own home.)

Most People Will Never Understand My Eating Disorder  (Courtesy of the Mr)

6 Myths About Hospice Care   (Need to know)

6 Things to Consider Getting Rid of Before They Become a Burden for Your Kids  (Some surprising info)

Olivia Newton-John Reveals Breast Cancer Has Returned, Postpones Tour  (Big prayers going out to childhood idol)

Bride Who Is A Computer Engineer Doesn’t Have Any Girlfriends, So She Invites Her Bros Instead  (SOOO funny!)

I'm ready for the weekend.

What are you guys getting into this weekend?

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  1. Great list of links as usual. Happy Friday everybody!

  2. Awesome reads! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. That's it, I'm getting a goat to eat the weeds in my yard! LOL And I did NOT know about aluminum foil being dangerous. The eating disorder one was exceptional and so good to hear from a male perspective. In one of my OA meetings, we had an alcoholic come in as a guest speaker who said of all the addictions out there, food is the hardest one to overcome because of your need to have it for survival, so you are faced with your addiction repeatedly throughout the day. Really great articles!

  4. The sweet potato banana croquettes sound delicious! I have a lonely banana just about ready ...


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