Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Directions to the money tree

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It has been a WEEK...well, weeks.

Almost immediately upon our return, we got a gentle reminder that our back fence looks like crap so we have to paint it by the end of the month.  Well, we have a rotted out fence post that needs to be replaced so I figured we'd better try to get that done before we paint if possible.  We also have a hairline crack in our bathroom sink that we've been ignoring for almost 2 years.  Well, because the floor is looking dated from the 12-year old remodel and we'd need to have the floor done so they can measure for the countertop that will house the new sink we're now talking an almost full bathroom remodel.  We fear we're living on borrowed time with that sink so it's a necessity now.  Did I mention it's our only bathroom?  So yeah...we're about to be in the throes of a forced bathroom and fence redo. Tuesday we had a dude come out to give us estimates on the fence post and putting down the bathroom floor.  That'll be $650 total, please.  (About what we figured)  Still, it's like pulling teeth to get this guy to get back with us because we needed one thing changed and a timeline in place before we sign anything.  We even had a contractor squeeze us in yesterday and estimated DOUBLE the price for the job we wanted done, thought he recommended patching it with metal plates despite the fact 1/3 of the post is GONE and it's split from top to bottom.  The bathroom floor?  He wouldn't even LOOK at it saying he didn't want to do floors.  Um, excuse me????  I've heard from others it's insanely hard these days to get contractors to give you estimates and given I'm TRYING to go with mom and pop's over a place like Home Depot, they're not making it very easy.  Hell, the first guy we tried to go with didn't even bother to return our calls/texts so screw him.  I think I'm probably going to have to start painting the vanity where it sits currently so that when they pull it out to put down the floors, I can just paint the other side and anything underneath on the legs I can't see and then hopefully be able to seal it with wax at least on that side before it gets put back in.

If I had any tip for a homeowner, it would be if something needs your attention, just fix it.  Because inevitably, all of those procrastinations of putting off until "someday" or "when we need to" end up all happening at the same time and then you're shelling out what feels like a lot more when it happens at once.  That is if you can get someone to call you back.

Then we got the pleasure of getting the last of my PT bill of $360 when I was told it was paid at the Mr's last appointment in April.  Supposedly an insurance issue.  Our insurance is the worst but I just can't justify paying double our current monthly rate for what some consider the "best" when they don't cover much more.  While I appreciate all that PT did for me, I don't consider paying $1500 for it a bargain especially when they're all exercises I could've easily found online.  I understand that the dry needling was also a part of that but even when that was done (about halfway through my sessions) I didn't see the price drop from that so what the heck am I being charged for??  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now except keep up my PT and hopefully not get back in that situation. But if you need PT, don't let my monetary experience keep you from getting help.  Your insurance/area could be better about it being covered.

You have any "forced" reno's on your hands this year?  Any you're putting off?

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  1. I look forward to how great the bathroom will look when it's done but why is it always so hard to get contractors?? It's so frustrating!

  2. So many needed reno's I can't list them all. We have lived in this house for 25 years, and it was two years old when we moved in. Everything was new then, but it's not new anymore. We have replaced the roof, put a new motor in our well, and some smaller things through the years, but live in fear of the furnace/AC going out at any moment. We just cross our fingers, procrastinate, and HOPE for the best.

  3. I would try Lowe's or Home Depot and just see what they say $$$ and how quickly they come. Our regular place closed when the owner retired. My mom has used Lowe's twice now and was really pleased. Since you are not at all pleased with who you are calling, try and see that happens.

  4. There are so many things that need to be done on this house. Mainly, the windows need to be worked on. Either the wood painted (looks terrible) but I suspect some of it is rotted, so that means replacing with vinyl windows which is ridiculously expensive. Need the entire upstairs painted (hubs and I nearly divorced when we painted the living room together, so we do not do that anymore), bay window leakage issue, the deck needs desperate replacement. Carpet is 20 years old, linoleum is trash (was from the beginning), the whole nine yards. That's why I like sitting on my glider outside looking at my planted flowers and the awesome mulching job I's the only thing that looks decent. LOL!

  5. We've also had terrible luck getting contractors to come give quotes. In some cases, they'd come out and give a quote but then we'd never hear from them again. Frustrating!

    We have a friend who is a contractor. We can get him to come out and do work sometimes (and he does great work!) but he always does it on the side and it always takes a long time because he fits us in-between projects or at nights. What we want done is usually small potatoes compared to his regular jobs, so we understand that - especially since he gives us a great rate.


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