Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Food Review: Ritz Toasted Chips

Some of the grocery stores in our area will give away items to promote them (aka hook you) so we take advantage because then we're not out any money when I send it to work with the Mr.  

We recently got these Ritz Toasted Chips in Sour Cream and Onion.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info...

The chips are like Ritz crackers but obviously not round like the old school version.

It was actually hard to find full ones.  Those were the best of the bag, like most crisps, you can get some serious casualties between being packed, shipped and then unloaded.

But how did they taste?

We each had one and said, "MUST get these out of the house...now!"  They were so good we knew it would be easy to blow through the entire bag even though we're not really chip/cracker fiends.  The sour cream and onion flavoring are strong, velvety and the perfect complement to that cracker.  So I would suggest getting them for a gathering where you can't be alone with them.  They were gone at the Mr's work by 10 am and he saw someone literally took the bag and was throwing them back by the fistful!  We took a serving each before sending them to work and now when we see them in the store we walk past them really fast...that good.

Have you ever tried these?  Do you like sour cream and onion chips/crackers?

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  1. I would never say that I am prone to going nuts for salty foods like chips and crackers because I rarely crave those kinds of things. But I make an exception for these things. They are too good!

    I will never forget seeing my co-worker basically take the whole bag for himself. I can only imagine him walking up, tasting one and then just grabbing the whole thing, looking around to see who saw him, and making a run for it to his cubicle. Too funny!

  2. Bought a bag and during my regain/binge period earlier this year, ate them all. Hubs wanted some and I guiltily admitted they were all gone. I won't be buying more. So delicious.

  3. Agree 1000%. These are as bad as potato chips or cheetos when it comes to addictively downing more than one should.

  4. We did try these once and they were delicious! Hubs loves sour cream and onion for his chips so this was right up his alley. I thought they were great and now know that I cannot touch them if he buys them.


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