Monday, June 26, 2017

Taking it into our own hands

Happy Monday y'all!  I hope your weekend was off the chain, dope AF, relaxing.  I wish I could say ours was.  You heard me threaten it Friday.  I said I was done with contractor BS and Friday afternoon, I went rogue.

I scored the caulk on our bathroom chair railing and got out ze Vonderbahhh....

Before you knew it, dat crap was off the wall and I was pulling brads out of faux bead board.

And we were officially in the middle of a construction zone!  But dammit, it had been over a month since we started this process and it was ridiculous to STILL be in limbo.  Even just having the chair rail and baseboards removed, I felt like it was something which is a far cry from the nothing of the past few weeks.

I was D-O-N-E yo.  I got the Mr's color to come back and realize this was going to happen because d-bag contractor was not only emailed Friday morning with a follow up that I expected to hear from him by the end of day if he expected to get our business (which at this point I no longer wanted to give him anyway) but at 5:30 pm the Mr called him and said I emailed him 4 days ago AND today to no response and if we didn't hear from him, we'd just do it ourselves.  We didn't hear from him and by the end of dinner, we made our list of what we needed to get this project underway.  We made a list of the tools we had and what was needed and made our Home Depot run.

The next morning we had a big breakfast at a local diner and came back and we were off!

That photo is a little deceiving.  It makes it look like we just blasted through that.  The register was a beeotch and my hats off to the manus who nary picked up a hammer as a lad to diving into the land of jigsaws, tapping blocks and pull bars with a major learning curve, my limited construction knowledge (I guess I remember more growing up around construction than I thought!) and YouTube.

Then came the part that terrified us both...the toilet.  Mainly because it's the only one in the house!  (And we'll just say it got a workout before being disconnected.)

We need to give it up to HGTV and DIY Network for the many home reno shows of toilet tomfoolery for us to learn from.  He turned off the water, flushed until the water was basically gone in the toilet then soaked up what was left from the tank and bowl with a huge sponge.  As soon as he lifted, I had a garbage bag ready for any water and stuff but we really lucked out.  We moved it to the guest room and got back to work.  Of course, then you're left with a big stinky sewage hole in the middle of your bathroom and that is no bueno so while an old towel worked for a while, this is the solution that we both preferred:

Holiday Press and Seal makes everything better and you can easily template around it for flooring so yeah, we were happy, plus...Christmas.  (Less than 6 months now!!)

The floor got knocked out, I painted the vanity which we moved to the guest room, we put up one wall of planking behind the toilet and I painted it and we got the baseboards and chair rail put up on one side.  The toilet was reinstalled at 11:20 pm, I put down a nice bead of silicone caulking around it and by 1 am, we were finally off to dreamland and that was just Saturday!

So our house is a little discombobulated right now.

Did I mention d-bag contractor emailed just as the Mr was laying the first board???  Nope.  Too late sir.  Yesterday was your deadline and you got two emails and one phone call to your personal cell line.  We didn't even open it until the next day and of course, it had a LAME excuse about how my email got lost and put in a different folder...blah blah blah.  Well, you just always seem to have an excuse, don't you?  Tell it to someone who gives a shite because that's not us anymore.  Our bodies are broken.  So we are taking today off to rest or just what whatever we WANT to do and not what we have to do.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Good job you guys!!! I have never been brave enough to take on a big DIY project but you're making me feel like it's not as scary as I think it is. Enjoy your well deserved day of rest!!!

  2. Just glad it's (mostly) done! Proud of us too!

  3. Amen Sister! You guys did AWESOME!!! That is an incredibly hard job and you're having to work around tight corners and such. I couldn't be more proud of you... AND proud that you are both taking today off to do whatever you feel like doing. Lounge around in your pj's all day if you want to! You deserve it!! Way to go!

  4. That's a huge job to take on. I don't blame you not wanting to deal with the contractor anymore. I'm glad you didn't run into to many problems and were able to get the toilet reinstalled the same night. That's always a scary proposition when it's removed for any reason. I wish I had that kind of DIY expertise, but I just don't.

    I have three pretty major jobs that need to happen this summer, I hope that none of the people I've contacted turn out to be d-bags like your contractor. I'm a little concerned about the guy I hired to cut down a huge tree in my yard, he told me it would be 4-6 weeks before he could get here (it's only been 3) but I haven't heard from him since as to a specific date. I need to call him.


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