Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Play date

In the middle of the night Sunday into Monday, we got a bit of snow.  It wasn't much but given the 10 day forecast, we knew this was going to be the last chance to get out in the snow.

The Mr was quite happy to get to it.

Technically, there wasn't enough of a base for snowshoeing as demonstrated by the grass peeking through but when the winter is as crappy as this one has been for snow lovers, you do what you have to.

So off we went.

If you're reading this part, it means the Mr didn't mind my sharing that he took a bit of a tumble.  Twenty seconds after I told him to watch it in this one area that is notorious for ruts, I saw him lose his balance.  Before I could get to him, he went down hard on his right hip and right shoulder.  You know, the shoulder he's been rehabbing for like 6 months?   We wrapped it up after another lap and left after a good burn....

He burned over 1100 calories.  Thankfully nothing was broken on him but the shoulder was in bad shape.  Within a few hours he was at the chiro's office getting spider monkey'd (adjusted) and lasered.  The doc told him to baby it for the next 48 hours so no strength training this week and he goes back Friday to get lasered again and reevaluated.  In between visits, he'll be icing and using the ultra sound on it to speed the healing.  I felt bad because just the night before, he had finally worked back up to 40 pound weights.  I swear something always happens when he gets to that point.

Then he wanted to go see The Force Awakens one more time in the theater.   Since he asked me for the 40th time to go, I agreed.  About an hour into the film and five minutes into Han Solo's appearance, the power went out.  I had to go to the bathroom and feeling my way in the dark was interesting.  I came back through and we said we'd give it 10 more minutes.  They came in and said they'd give rainchecks for free movies and about five minutes later the lights came back on so we knew the movie wasn't far behind.  Ten minutes later we were back in business and I saw the whole thing.  I'm not going to get into what I didn't like because I don't need the SW army hate.  I will say I really liked the two new leads.

Dinner was spaghetti squash and chicken.  Then the Mr got to icing the shoulder and we caught up on the DVR.  It will be interesting to see if we can walk today.  We did a good stretch session after playing in the snow but we could feel the lower back, hips and IT bands really tightening up as the night progressed.

Have you gotten a chance to play in the snow this season?

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  1. I have! But I also live in Maine lol
    There's a dirt path in my town that they're constructing from Kittery up to Portland. I use it in the summer to run, walk, or cycle on. And a few weekends ago, I went snow shoeing. Had like 6 inches of fresh powder and I made the path after the first ~0.5mi. It was a good day!

    Plus I've gone skiing twice and snow shoeing another time. I picked it up this year, I'm addicted. I love it!

    We're being hit with freezing rain/rain right now. So I don't think I'll be shoeing again soonn =[

    I'm just glad I didn't get a ski pass this season. But I did pre-pay for some reduced rate tickets so I'll still be out some money...

  2. It was a great day and I'm glad we got a chance to finally get out there and play in the snow. I just hope this injury heals fast - I was really looking forward completing our Fitness Blender program without having to modify it much.

  3. It's barely snowed here at all. A couple weeks ago a nasty storm was predicted, but we only got a couple inches and they were pretty much melted by the next day. The roads were bad enough though that I got a day off school, so that was good. Maybe 6-8 inches altogether all season. Yesterday was almost 70 degrees, and Thursday is predicted to be nearly 80. Not February weather at all.

    I'm glad you got a chance to get out and play in the snow, but I'm sorry your Mr. took a tumble and re-injured his shoulder. I hope it heals quickly.

  4. I live in Maryland we've gotten clobbered(30") once. Then we've gotten hit a couple more times since then with anywhere from 1-6'. Last night we got a couple inches of snow but then we got an ice storm to top it off. I'm all done playing in snow now. Bring on the tulips!

  5. Oh man, I am so sorry the Mr. took a tumble and hurt himself. That just stinks because he just went through all the rehab of his shoulder and was feeling pretty good. Rats! Because of my crappy knees, I haven't done much in the snow, but I do like a good romp with the dogs. I'm good if the snow doesn't have ice underneath it and it pretty soft -- my knees actually like that. But this year it's been a lot of ice and snow, so that's been too jarring for this old bod of mine. It snowed all day today -- very pretty as it came down slow but steady, but my tires suck so my attempt to take the dogs for a drive to the post office didn't last long and I had to turn around and come back home. The hubs took his car (4-wheel drive) and even he slid and said there were two wrecks right down the road. By Friday it's supposed to hit 50 degrees but will be very windy (40mph) so it won't feel warm, but Saturday it's supposed to be warm and no wind, so I'm looking forward to a good melting of snow. Oh, and totally off topic, but my recliner gets delivered tomorrow morning!! Yippee!! The poor dogs aren't going to know what to do when they lose their loveseat! LOL I guess they'll have to actually lay on the floor, like, you know...dogs. LMAO!


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