Thursday, February 18, 2016

Craving monster, modifying and sad tribal council

Another slow day at the homestead.

I went into the office and shredded a bag of receipts and paperwork that needed taken care of.  I wish the amount you shredded made the actual office look like you did something.  I am happy to say, I worked my way through a SERIOUS candy craving.  I almost rationalized it by saying I had enough calories and yes, I might have but that's not the kind of calories I need.  By the skin of my teeth people, by the skin of my teeth.

My knee and shoulder were not happy with me so I iced on and off.  I previewed what our Fitness Blender workouts were supposed to be and I knew there was no way the Mr was going to be able to do those so I messaged him he would have to do something else.  As time went on, it was obvious he was going to be later than he was supposed to be so I used that time to go ahead and do my workout to which I cursed and called them names.  I've done that ab workout before and when your knees are already killing you, doing some of those moves are just brutal and need to be modified.  When the Mr got home, he pretty much went straight down and once I heard him put on Shaun T's 25 minute workout, I knew that would be about enough time to get dinner together.

Ground turkey taco night with mixed veggies.  I really love this ground chipotle powder I got from a spice store.  The smoky flavor really kicked up the flavor along with the jalapenos.  Hoo cha!

Later I made us some tea (decaf green for me with Beekman Ginger Honey and chocolate chai for him) and we watched the first episode of Survivor to see if it was worth sticking with or not.  I'll be honest, the adorable little Asian gardener has my vote and the second he's gone, so am I.  We also like the buff 71 year old dude but you know how it goes with people that age, the younger ones think he can't hang and that they know it all.  Stooges.  Oh and at tribal, how badly did I want to hug the person who got voted out as their little chin quivered defending themselves?....HARD.  Sweet nugget.
What's your favorite tea?  What do you do to combat the craving monster?

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  1. Great job on fighting those cravings and continuing the fight on the Fitness Blender program for those of us who can't. I actually do look forward to the time where I can rejoin you on that program!

  2. I drink iced tea in the summer, plain tea with a little lemon or mint. I have a great apple spice tea I like when I'm sick. Other than that though I'm not much of a tea drinker.

    My craving monster won last night. Girl Scout cookies are evil. Evil I tell you!

  3. So proud of you for beating that craving!!! It's awful when they hit but you gritted your way through it. For me when it hits really bad I do this mental thing in my head where I'm real laid back and say, "nah, not today." Oddly enough it seems to work because mentally it means maybe tomorrow I can have it, but by then the craving is gone. The last time I gave in to a craving I got quite sick and that memory stays in my head, which helps too.

    Not a fan of tea, but know I really need to start drinking it because of all the health benefits I'm hearing about. Haven't mustered up the courage yet though. =o)

  4. I just recently got in to tea and feel hard for David's tea. The gingerbread cookie is amazing, as is the forever nuts. Can't wait to try them all!

    PS, congrats on kicking the craving! It is HARD work!


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