Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday love and harvest moon

Heidi Ho and welcome to another terrific Tuesday!  I introduce it like that because I feel bad for Tuesday...it gets no love.  Monday is hated so it's like that friend or family member that thrives on good or bad attention.  Wednesday is Hump Day and brings people a sense of relief being on the horizon.  Then there's Almost Friday. (aka- Thursday) Finally, Friday.

So Tuesday, I'm showing you some love.

Did you see the Harvest Moon last night?  In case you didn't, here, I took a crappy picture of it for you.

I got to drive by the light of the Harvest Moon to drop off my car at the dealer to get a recall fixed.  I swear if I'd known these cars would be in and out of the dealership so often, I would've gotten the old early 2000's Jag with that sweet chrome grill on the front.  At least you know up front to expect lots of dealer time from what I've heard.  Yeesh.

But seeing this moon also reminded me of our second trip to Hawaii back in 1999.  It was our first trip to the Big Island and we were jacked up to see some lava.  We knew it was flowing and seeing even a speck of it was high on our bucket list.  So we left Kona at 2am to make the drive to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  It was pitch black on the roads because most of the route there didn't have street lights so we only had the light of a bright moon like that one to guide us.  We filmed one part of the journey with the moon and Salt and Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex(affiliate link) was our soundtrack.  Sex was the last thing on our minds.  When we got there, we started heading down Chain of Craters Road toward the lava field by the coast.  As we rounded the last big corner heading down, the sky was this beautiful orange-dusky plum color reflected in the sky over Pu'u O'o crater.  By the time we got down to the lava field, the full moon turned on and off between black clouds so we needed our own flashlights.  We didn't get to see full on flows for 2 more years but we did see a little speck of hot orange at the top of the pali (cliff.)  We stayed and watched the sun rise and more people poured in but there was nothing like being alone in the lava field in the middle of the night watching the fire goddess, Pele do her stuff.  When we saw it from outside the park two years later, we were in the flow field for almost three hours and no one was around us.  We were very careful as a couple's van was stranded between flows for not being smart.  We were amazed that it smelled like finger paint.  You definitely can't dip your finger in no matter how much you're tempted.  But any time I see a full moon like that, I start singing "Let's Talk About Sex" in my head and think of that two hour drive to Volcano.

Sorry, I couldn't help but wax nostalgic a bit.

We did TRX and free weights hybrid workout last night.  Dinner was coconut shrimp over thai lime rice and asparagus.

We are not happy with the lack of coconut on Trader Joe's coconut shrimp lately.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should just make my own with their regular shrimp.  Sigh.

I made another version of quiche for us to have with breakfast over the next few days.  I'm looking forward to it.  Yum!

I was also glad to see my Halloween stuff at the shop is selling because it means there are other Fall fanatics like me out there who are thinking ahead!  :)

Have you ever seen lava?  What did you have for breakfast this morning?

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  1. How do you make that rice? I see you post about it often and I'm curious. I don't eat a lot of rice and other grains - mostly because it's really boring. I'd love tips on making flavorful rice (besides cook it in chicken broth lol)

    1. The recipe is super simple, gotta pen? Go to the organic/natural section of your grocery store. Look for vacuum sealed packages of rice by Tasty Bite and buy the one that says organic Thai Lime Rice. Microwave it for 90 seconds and BOOM! Trader Joe's used to carry their version of it and I happened to find it at World Market to give it a try and it was the exact same thing. I love that I don't have to stand over a stove and babysit rice and it can be cooking while we're getting drinks together. I like to have it once a week paired with seafood of some kind.

  2. There is nothing like that first time in Volcanoes National Park and that memory of the moon just guiding us there. It was so surreal, kind of eerie but also magical just knowing there is an active volcano over the horizon in the darkness and then seeing that red glow. Even though we didn't get up close to flowing lava (that year) it is still one of my all time favorite memories there. Glad you shared that one! That is the Hawaii few people know about but everyone should enjoy.

    1. No there isn't. I think it's just the anticipation of it all, especially that first time and when you know the volcano is flowing near the top of the pali. But nothing can beat 2001 and 2002 and being able to poke it with a stick. I will always be thankful for those experiences! Absolutely stunning.

  3. I've only ever seen lava in video and pictures. Someday maybe. Not sure about breakfast yet, but there will be some.

    1. Can't recommend it enough. It is by far the most amazing experience. Unfortunately Pele is heading toward populated areas right now so all of us with interest and love for the land are holding our breath right now.

      I need some food in mah belly, ASAP! Small slice of quiche and a little bowl of oatmeal.

  4. I enjoyed that lava story. Very descriptive. Never had a desire to see lava in person, but that sounds so cool. Gotta experience it once! Soooo is it safe? Also, the van that was stuck--they were done for, right? That was the end of them?

    I remember you doing another post about lava a while back that may have addressed the whole is it safe concern. If you remember which, please send me the link. thanks!

    Salt n Pepa--HA!

    1. No, they were fine. The lava streams were thankfully small enough they could jump over them to safety and they had to wait for it to harden for 2 days before they could retrieve the van. The best thing for those serious about exploring the area is to read this:


      Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in some time but the dangers and equipment needed are the same. There used to be a county viewing area on the Kalapana side but now, well, it's kind of a cluster you know what and the county flattened out the awesome bumpy lava road so it's no fun anymore. A *few* residents in that area have no issue letting visitors know they aren't welcome there so it's an at your own risk if you try to view it from Kalapana side. We have always been respectful of people and their land and if we get a weird vibe from anyone hanging around, we'll leave. It's just about being smart if the flows are outside of park boundaries. But the park is good about getting people VERY close to the flows with reflectors leading to the area.

      The area where the lava is currently flowing isn't accessible to the public but if it keeps on a current track it could cross one of the old highways. Keeping a close eye!

    2. Wowww. I would definitely need an experienced, trained, and certified guide. Can't imagine goin it alone. I think skydiving has less warnings! You guys are thrillseekers!

  5. Never seen lava. And for breakfast (and lunch) today I had leftover chicken and cabbage "stir fry".


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