Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day weekend roundup

Welp, another month in the books.  How does that happen so fast?

It was a pretty low key weekend.  We went to a farmers market and grabbed some lettuce and green onions.  Unfortunately they were out of radishes (or didn't have any)...I think the season is almost over.  We went to another market and while I love the area, I hate getting there later.  Its full of hipsters, old hippies and annoying people who like to stop in the middle of sidewalk flow or park their kids strollers in the middle of the masses.  So that one will have to be as soon as they open or nothing...otherwise I'll end up in jail.

We watched some college ball.  Correction:  I watched as much as I could take and slept through the second half.  I love naps.  Nappy, nap, naps.

For dinner, I wanted a burger and fries and given I've been underwhelmed with what the local restaurants have been serving up lately, I made them myself.  I believe the Mr's quote was "I am so glad I have taste buds.  Best.  Burger.  Ever."  That's right sir...say mah name!

Sunday was a rain out and we traversed the city in downpours to refuel the groceries...and hide from people trying to stop by the house.  I am pretty sure Trader Joe's is trying to alienate us.  The 72% dark chocolate was completely wiped out in a way that suggests they will not be carrying it again.  I know the sign was flipped over to the flower side which means "we're temporarily out" but we've seen that before and then 8 months has passed and the sign is gone which means you're S.O.L.  If they keep this up, we will have no reason to go.  Except for the spiced apple cider which is 2 weeks out and I will be buying like 6 jugs of it because they yank it just before prime cider sippin' season.  It's not right.  Trader Joe is actually kind of e-ville.

I wanted four white table settings so I perused Pottery Barn because the dishes I've had for 13 years are ridiculously high quality so I trust them.  We ended up taking advantage of some sale and then a "buy more, save more" promotion and got the white 16 piece Cambria set for $112.

via Pottery

We were happy campers!  Casual but could easily be dressed up, mixed and matched, etc.

We stopped by this garage sale once the weather cleared up and this dude runs an antique shop out of his garage.  I'm pretty sure that's a grey area of legalities in our parts but whatever.  The shop was basically just full of junk and you know how you want to run far and fast but your upbringing forbids you?  The guy was about 60 years old, longer, dirty fingernails, plaid shirt, slicked back hair and 30 year old glasses.  He said there were five rooms behind the garage that we could look through as well.  Several boxes being used as signs said "more stuff" directing us to the rooms behind the garage that contained 99% crap.  After I got over the inevitability of a mouse darting out from piles from Hoarders, I began to wonder what our final tale would be that would inspire a future Criminal Minds (affiliate link) episode.  Would be go up the stairs and a trap door sends us down a chute into a room of terror?  Would his able bodied and blood thirsty son have a bear trap set up?  Would a half starved mutant they've kept locked up like Sloth from The Goonies (affiliate link)  grab my ankle through the open stairs as we tried to leave?  We were just glad to be out of there without becoming a loaf of head cheese.

We got SUCH a late start to our workout after the Mr played "name that tune" with me.  I whipped his butt with a strength circuit workout.  I'm sure we'll feel it today.

I had big plans to do food prep but I only got one of my dishes done.  When I started, the yolk on the bottom was smiling at me.  As I waiting for the damn phone to boot up to take a pic, the smile turned to a smirk.

I can almost hear it saying "smooth move Ex-Lax"

Dinner was also super late (9pm) but worth it.  A nice pineapple bbq pork chop and a serving of corn.

I'm hoping my freshly washed pillows flatten out a little more because all of this fluff is leaving me with a sore neck and side every day.  The Mr has taken most of this week off so I'll be interested to see what we can get in to!

How was your weekend?  Do you have today off or does your job suck and make you work?

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  1. Sooo glad to have most of the week off. We can get into all kinds of stuff but of course today being the holiday it is going to be more low key because everyone else is off too and I hate crowds. Give it a day or so and we can have most things to ourselves.

    1. Yeah, nowhere today because I had enough of people over the weekend to last me.

  2. Sounds like a low key, but very nice weekend. I hope Trader Joe gets your chocolate back soon.

    My folks have been here this weekend, but I've barely seen them. I've been neck-deep in lesson planning all weekend and they've had lots of grand-kid time. I'm more than a little sad to have missed basically their whole visit, but glad to have the time to work with him occupied. I would've had to lose my weekend anyway, but this way at least he had fun.

    1. You and me both girl! Medicinal chocolate. Must have antioxidants! ;-)

      Aww, sorry you weren't able to enjoy more time with your parents but at least it sounds like the little guy soaked up more than enough time with them. I hope school is going well for you and you're back in the groove!


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