Monday, September 29, 2014

Chillaxin' and pumpkin explosion

We had a somewhat relaxed weekend.  Well, Saturday was really relaxed, we didn't get out much which kind of stunk but oh well.  We didn't need to be running all over the place.  But I was running all over the kitchen trying to get our lunch together and it was exhausting trying to time it all to come out right, I was hot and sweaty and in a bad mood so I didn't really enjoy my last Orange Cream Soda from North Woods like I wanted to.  So now I have to either make an all day trip back to Traverse City or hope they read this and want to send me some.  I don't foresee either happening.  Sigh.

We watched football pretty much all day...yay?  But I suppose from here on out are considered the "real" games.  I don't think many teams are having a great year so it's going to be a frustrating year to be a fan if you're like the Mr.  Me?  I could DVR it and fast forward without an issue.

Sunday was grocery day.  It was official, pumpkin everything has exploded onto every scene.

Trader Joe's had some of our favorite things we wait all year for including pumpkin pie spice (the best I've tasted), fig butter (perfect for my sweet figgy potatoes!) and we grabbed 3 jugs of spiced cider.  

Just when you settle in for cider, they like to yank it on you so if you don't buy enough for the season, you're gonna be S.O.L.  It's good until 2016 if you don't open it so technically I could fill the basement with it and be in spice cider bliss for the next 2 years.  

Then it was on to Target.  Every time I pass this big ol' picture, I squeal in a way that would make squirrels heads explode.  I cannot help myself.

I tried on a few long sleeved items and this is the one I came home with.

Note to self, wear Spanx.

The Mr picked up this pumpkin spice gum.

It tasted like pumpkin spice but also tasted like something you'd want to swallow right away and not exactly a kick of flavor, pretty subtle.

We saw this and had to pick some up since we knew it wouldn't be around long.

Oh my Lord it was amazing!  We used it for apple dip with our lunch.  I know its not "all natural" and all that crap but it's not like it's going to be our normal peanut butter.

Then it was time to walk in the crunchy Fall leaves on the crooked brick lined streets to give our hips a workout.

We needed a weekend to veg out and I'm thankful we got it before things get busy again.

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. It's funny how the pumpkin products hit the shelves all at the same time now. Who decides when we're all ready to bring on the pumpkin anyway? I have to imagine that half of the products, the shelf stable ones at least, were produced back in June and stocked up so that there'd be enough to go around the country come September. Regardless, it's all yummy stuff!

    1. I know! I saw the TJ's pumpkin butter 2 weeks ago and I think they might've had the pumpkin pancake mix too but it was like BOOM! Now that I can whip up my own pumpkin butter in 15 minutes, I doubt I'll ever be a prisoner to TJ's whim on that front. I get 2 tbsp for the same calories of their one so pffft! The JIF Whip in pumpkin spic is DELICIOUS and I'm looking forward to it on my nana this morning! I'm thinking pumpkin pancakes are in order this Sunday though. :-)

  2. I love pumpkin, but it's a little tooo much at Tjs. At Walmart , I bought Pumpkin spice tea but passed by the pumpkin spiced nuts and there was a pumpkin spiced cereal but I forget which one it was.

    1. It can be if you're not a fan of pumpkin stuff but I live for this time of year at TJ's because the stuff they produce is so good. The stuff I can't handle are gross out products like pumpkin spice M&M's I think I saw or weird combos (well, like that gum we got)...just because you can, doesn't mean you should! HA! Pumpkin spiced nuts sound good!

  3. Those are some great pumpkin finds. I'd like to try the gum. My absolute favorite is pumpkin spice coffee (YUM) but I pretty much like all things pumpkin. The seasonal thing I saw that sounded pretty gross was candy corn m&ms.

    The kitty in the poster looks a lot like our kitty that snuck out and disappeared a couple weeks ago. So cute, but it makes me sad to look at it too.

    This weekend was.... yeah not really a weekend. I worked until 11 Friday night grading papers, then went to the school for a few hours Saturday, and still should have worked more yesterday but with chores, a play date for the kiddo, and wanting to actually see my hubby for a few minutes I just never got a chance. That means I'll be rushing around all crazy like all week planning only one day in advance and I hate that.

    1. You'll have to let me know if you like the gum. I do wish it had just a *little* more flavor to it but it will scratch that pumpkin spice itch in a pinch. Candy corn M&M's sound disgusting...and I love candy corn but yeah, no thanks! :-)

      The dog reminds me of our dog as a puppy. I always think of what the pic looked like 2 seconds later when the kitty hit her on the head and she went batchit crazy on her. LOL

      Girl, that's two weekends in a row isn't it? ;-) Do you guys have teachers aids? Can you request one to help with things or maybe have one period of 'independent reading' to help you get caught up. I'd help if I could!

  4. All hail the pumpkin blitz! I'm totally down for fall now. Let's do this.

    I road tripped to PA where I spent my weekend coolin' in a hot tub* drankin' whiskey sours and Old Vine Zinfandels. Had a fanTASTic view to boot. My bro has an awesome deck that he built all by himself in less than a week. Why yes, he is a wizard.

    *coolin' in a hot tub may sound like an oxymoron but coolin' is the new word for chillin' according to the youngsters in my life. LOL

    1. Me too...pumpkin for everyone!!

      Oh, I shall have to remember the hip lingo to keep up with the young folk. So saying something like chillin' like a villain with my homeslices is out? Tell the wizard to head our way if he wants more projects! ;-)

  5. HAhaaa! I'm SO gonna say that to my son. What's good shawty? I'm chillin like a villain with my homeslice, yo!

  6. Love the pumpkin spice goodies! Great picture of you too! Mom came over for the birthday/anniversary celebration and we had a great time. Sunday I was pretty pooped from the prior two days so I just did some grocery shopping then fell asleep during the Bears game. I did manage to do a couple of loads of laundry but that was about it. The house was clean, so I allowed myself a day to do not a whole lot of anything. =o)


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