Friday, September 12, 2014

Ahead of the game and what I'm reading this week

Happy Friday all!

You would be so proud of me, I was ahead of the game and I actually typed this post up 2 days ago meaning I wasn't furiously throwing this together from 10-11pm last night!  

Is there hope for me yet?  

Time will tell.

While we're waiting to see if my procrastinating ways win out or not over the long haul, let's get to...

Air Rage: Why Does Flying Make People So Crazy?  (Because other people lose their friggin' senses when they fly, if they had any to begin with.  I'm just glad when I reach our destination airport without incident.)

DIY Wreaths to Get Your Home Fall-Ready   (Mine is already up but in case yours isn't.  Hee hee)

Gene Simmons: 'Rock Is Finally Dead'  (I'm not a fan but what he says, sadly, is kind of true.)

11 Foods With "Bad Raps" That Deserve Another Chance!  (Yes indeedy, Ally Sheedy!)

A Rare Peek Inside Walt Disney's Fairy-Tale Home  (I love that so much of the original detail was kept!)

10 ways to get 10 minutes of exercise  (Whether all at once or broken up, it all counts!)

7 Ways to Silence a Squeaky Floor  (While our friend got a majority of them when he screwed the subfloor, there are a few I still want to get.  Hoping a shim will come to the rescue!)

19 Things Everyone Who Sucks At Texting Understands  (I don't text but this applies a lot to my FB messaging habits.  I've established with everyone in my life mama gets back to you on HER time!  HA!)

48 Top Slow-Cooker Recipes  (So ready for crock pot season, yo!)

13 natural remedies for the ant invasion  (Will try some of these to keep those little bastards at bay.  We just dealt with our worst invasion yet but I think it was due to our roofers doing a crappy job on the siding replacement.  We filled in any gaps with that foamy stuff)

Billy Idol - Kings & Queens of the Underground - Episode #1   (SO excited for Billy's new album!)

9 Pumpkin Spice Recipes (That Are Way Better Than a Latté)   (Pumpkin!  Pumpkin!  Pumpkin!)

Fall Garden Cleanup  (Time to clean up and think spring!)

Road Rage and Fat Shaming  (NSFW language.  A friend passed along this heinous video that's going viral.  As if her reckless behavior wasn't bad enough in front of her kid, she fat shames this poor guy like a 5 year old after practically assaulting him!?  If you read the comments, you'll be horrified to see what she does for a living.)

Simple 100-Calorie Food Swaps  (Good idears!)

19 Wicked Ways to Use Mason Jars This Halloween  (Super cute, especially if you have kiddos)

Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season Two   (I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  I repeat...CAN. NOT. WAIT! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow narrated by Tom Mison is available for free by clicking through thanks to!)

How one couple is paying off their 30-year mortgage in half the time  (Yes please!)

Home Depot Confirms Data Breach, Investigating Transactions From April Onward  (Great, first Target now HD.  I'm getting a little sick of being hacked!)

The Simple Steps to Protect your Feet...FOR LIFE  (Listen up peeps!  Great exercise!)

Michael C. Hall to Star in Broadway's 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'  (He has to be thrilled.  I know he wanted to go back to Broadway after Dexter went in the chitter.)

"We Can't Stand You" and Other Confessions of a B&B Owner  (Sounds like these people need to get into another business!  But given some of the contracts I've had to sign, I can only imagine the stuff cleaning people have seen.  Our condo on Kauai had people who were there for a month and that poor cleaning woman had to take laundry back to her OWN house and have her hubby do it to get our place ready on time!)

12 Surprising Uses for Bobby Pins  (I've already got one on my toothpaste thanks to this)

These 20 Tips Will Have You Asleep in No Time   (This looks interes.....zzzzzz)

The Ugly Side Of Beautiful Rooms: Design In The Age of Internet Comments  (I think this is true about all sites and it's a dang shame when people can't just keep their mouths shut.  I have seen plenty of things on home blogs that I admire and I'll wrinkle my nose and not comment.  Sadly, the internet can make it super easy to be mean instead of constructive in criticism.  Thankfully you people are awesome!)

My friend is coming to town tomorrow to celebrate my birthday.  We're hanging out, going shopping and hopefully won't be tempted to tell the same stories from our glory days and sound like Springsteen in '85.  Sunday is grocery refuel day and that means no sleeping in.  Errrg!  If the weather is cool, maybe we'll go for a walk for our workout.  Woot!

What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. Good job getting this one out ahead of time. I know you've gotten yourself behind a few times and this ain't an easy post to throw together last minute I'm sure. Now time to start gobbling up those links...

    1. I'm horrible. I hope I get in the habit of doing these in post form as I bookmark them and save myself Thursday night madness.

  2. -Foot exercise video--I'm on it....I'm sure I have marbles at home.

    -I read the comments on that road rage video. Wow, those comments really took a turn.

    -Ugh, seriously, Home Depot?! How much is that $2 box of nails gonna cost me

    -I agree with all of those sleep remedies except #13. Wine never gives me restless sleep. The exact opposite actually. Zonked out!

    -I've never understood the need to be mean in the comments and/or "hate read" people's blogs. It's like people get their kicks off of being dissatisfied and complaining about something they don't like. You wouldn't keep your TV locked to a channel you don't like. Everything on the internet is OPTIONAL. Just read something else LOL

    1. Yeah, it was only 26 comments when I posted it and now, as I suspected, it turned ugly. My only hope is she has been reported in some form and gets reprimanded. I feel sorry for her poor kid.

      Exactly on the hate reading thing. It amazes me this is how people choose to spend their time, which they obviously have a lot of if they're spending all day trolling people. *rolling eyes*

  3. Flying makes me crazy. Now that I live closer to my family, I try to avoid it at all costs. The customer service in the airline industry is horrible. A couple of months ago my disabled friend flew and asked the airline attendant if she could place his carry-on into the overhead bin. She replied that it was not in her job description.

    A few years ago we missed our connecting flight due to a delay and ended up spending the night on the floor in the Atlanta airport. I was pregnant at the time. A few days later when we were returning home, our first flight was delayed 5 hours due to mechanical issues. When we arrived to our destination, the pilot parked the plane in the wrong terminal. I was so ready to be done with our flight...but no, you have the people who like to get up out of their seats immediately and not wait for their turn to exit the plane. This lady a couple of rows behind us decided to cut in line and I lunged over my husband's seat and flew right into her. I looked at her sweetly and said, "Oh, excuse me". Needless to say, no one cut ahead of us in line.

    Yea for pumpkin recipes! Remember a few years ago when there was a pumpkin shortage? I may still be suffering from the post-traumatic stress of it all and need to fill my pantry just in case....

    1. Flying is so ridiculous anymore and of course everyone on the plane (ourselves included I suppose) feel like where they need to go is more important that everyone else but there's a difference between retrieving your bags like a normal person and being a flaming Massengil. I'm glad you did that to that lady, that was ridiculous. When we landed in PHX they asked if people could let 6-7 people who had connecting flights that were leaving almost as soon as we landed go first. Well, the people didn't gather their stuff quickly upon landing and when the seat belt sign went off, ALL passengers just stood up and began the mad dash as usual. We were MORE than happy to let people go especially with a 3 hour layover and then they waiting for 5 full minutes after having the jetway hooked up to open the door when they knew people were going to potentially miss flights. At that point, no one was letting anyone go so we all just got off the plane as usual. I'd love to go back to the 80's when flying was fun and didn't have all of these disgruntled people trapped in a tube with you. Except the smoking. I DO NOT miss that. The early 80's can keep that. :-)

  4. This weekend we are headed to two Husker VB games, and of course watching the Huskers play football out in California, starting at 9:20 Sat. night! Late night!! GO BIG RED!!!


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