Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Victories of 2013

The scale was basically not a big part of 2013.  After a while I just accepted that maintaining was going to be the theme of the year.  This means that our victories were of the non scale variety this year and I'm okay with that.  Instead of focusing on the things that I didn't do well on this year, I'm going to try to focus on the things I did right this year or the things I got to do as a result of previous year's hard work.

I think of where I was a year ago with my Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and leg muscle issues.  We had to cancel New Years Eve in Chicago because walking was just not possible.  I've come to realize that the muscle issue will always be something I have to manage but I'm thankful that I had a good chiropractor to show me proper exercises, massage techniques and such to help me.  (Things I've slacked on over the past two weeks and I need to get back to asap so I don't backslide into pain)  I'm not happy I have to deal with this but I know this is something that will require constant dedication on my part.  I'm hoping as I lose more weight the pressure off my legs will make things a little better.

Our trip to Kauai was a realization of over a decade's worth of dreams and seeing other people live the vacation we always wished we could.  Even though I trained for stand up paddle as best as I could, nothing could prepare me for the real thing.

Even though it wasn't necessarily my favorite activity, I was proud of myself for doing it.  I had a LOT of mental obstacles to get through in addition to the physical ones.  It's something I never thought I'd do but I didn't even think twice when it was time to do it.  That is a feeling I hope I continue to take with me in future adventures.

When we were done with stand up paddle, it was time to move on to kayaking.  I mean literally.  We were done stand up paddling and I surprised the Mr with a kayaking excursion. I was so looking forward to this because I can't count how many times I would see kayakers on the Hanalei River as we were driving over the bridge or down the main drag and wonder if that would ever be me.  This year, it was...

I never thought I'd get a picture of me in a kayak with Bali Hai in the background but I'm so proud that this year I could...even if it was taken through a crappy camera dry bag.  Thankfully I got a better bag for Christmas for the next kayaking adventure.

The other dream we made come true on Kauai was walking their Visitors Industry Charity 5K.  This is a walk we always heard about every time we were in Hawaii because it's on all of the islands.  We always said we wanted to do it someday and we went down for last minute registration the morning of the race.

I don't know if we were more excited about walking the walk or the fact that a "normal" sized race shirt (XL) fit us!  I was in a lot of pain for it but the pride won out over the pain.  Not that I ever had a 5K on my fitness bucket list but I can cross it off anyway.

For the first time, we actually broke out the exercise bands we took with us on vacation and did some homemade tabata style workouts while on Kauai.

We hoped to do this when we went to Traverse City but we didn't but we did walk 38 miles while we were there and I consider that a victory even if neither commitment to exercise on vacation kept the pounds at bay.

Speaking of which, even with as disastrous as our holidays were on the food front, one thing we never wavered on was the exercise.  We exercised 6 days a week and yes, even on Christmas day.  Don't get me wrong, there were days we didn't feel like it but it was never an option to skip and I'm thankful we didn't.

While I would've loved for this recap to contain a little more than just our Kauai victories, this year is wide open for new opportunities.  It's just up to us to seize them.

Name three things you are proud of this year on the fitness front.

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  1. It was a great year and we surely did some amazing things that we never would have been able to do before. I am proud of us and I know it's only going to get better!

  2. Awesome year Anele!! Have a wonderful 2014..more victories, more fun and more Hawaii:)

  3. Wow you make me belive maybe some day I can swim and do canoe paddling to.
    was in Oahu couple of weeks back and just watched people doing this.
    One day maybe.
    wishing you and yours a happy new year

    1. You can ABSOLUTELY do that! If I can do it at the weight I did, you can certainly have no problem at your weight since you're much smaller than I am. A lot of it can be mental. I wore a t shirt and long shorts so a bathing suit wasn't even an issue. Jump on it...life is short! Happy New Year!

  4. I did a full Zumba class every Wednesday from July through September. It was the only class I could make it too, and then she stopped offering it so I had to stop going - but I made it to every single class I had the opportunity to go to.

    I borrowed my mom's exercise ball when I was up there last week. I haven't used it yet, but I will.

    After my niece moved out this summer I set up her room as an exercise area. it's not great, but it's got a treadmill, an exerbike, floor space, and a shelf for my laptop so I can use videos or watch Netflix while walking/biking.

    This was a year of ups an downs for me, and I'm working to make 2014 more consistent.

    1. Great accomplishments! Here's to keeping those and making more this year!

  5. I climbed a mountain this year!! Not a "14er", but a tall, steep mountain, nonetheless. Finally got a fitbit to track my exercise better and have worn it faithfully since July. Thankful it reminds me to get in gear on those days when I would have been lazy. And, of course, I survived an unintentional half marathon around a lake in the mountains without being eaten by bears, coyotes or other critters. (We'll just keep the fact that we had to be "rescued" and led out the last mile by a cheery rescue team at 3 a.m. on the down low...)
    Have a fabulous 2014!

    1. Girl, your adventures might be too much even for me! LOL Let's try not to involve the possibilities of bears, coyotes, etc in the coming year! ;-) Happy New Year!

  6. I completed the 90-day challenge in 93 days.

    I got firmer from increasing my strength-training weights.

    I utilized all the equipment I have and created a really good routine.

    Have lots of things I want to do in 2014, with simplifying being a top priority. I have a plan for every room in the house and the goal is to get rid of 50% of everything. Of course, all of this planning is dependent on what happens at my mammo appt on the 17th (4cm "thickening" was found....great). But I notice that when I purge things that I've held on to for way too long (or just crap I should have gotten rid of a long time ago) I'm calmer and more focused in all areas of my life. So that's the plan stan. =o)

  7. What great successes! Paddleboard is something on my list for this coming year.

    My three things -- fell in love with weight lifting, climbed the Manitou Incline four times, and started hiking (making it to 13,600 feet of a 14er...this year I will get to the top).

  8. Well, maintaining is definitely better than gaining! You definitely had a successful year, even if it wasn't on the scale. Happy New Year!

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