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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Food Review: Cookie Butter Oreos

Yeah, you didn't think I was going to not try these, did you?  These were but a rumor a year ago and now they're hidden in Targets everywhere.  (We found what we thought were the last two packages in with the regular Oreos, not with the Halloween candy like the other special edition Oreos.  Turns out when we went to the paper towel aisle, they had about 100 packages on an end so hunt around if you're, you know, shopping for a friend.)

I do love me some cookie butter on rare occasion and slappin' it in a cookie was like an answer to a fat girl's weak moment prayer.

Cookie butter flavored "creme" (because they're fancy like that) between graham flavored cookies.

Here's the nutritional info which is basically the same as any other Oreo.

Two cookies per serving.  How precious.

Hello lovelies.

For you twist and dunkers, they twist off nicely without sticking to the top.

But how do they taste?

The Mr absolutely loved them.  I thought they were good but honestly, I didn't think they tasted much different from the pumpkin spice ones.  Actually, I may like those more but only because they used what I consider the "right" cookie pairing.  The cookie butter Oreos have a graham flavored cookie and the cookie butter flavor gets completely lost in it for me because the cookie and the filling are too similar.  I think if they'd used the golden Oreo, you would be able to get that classic cookie butter taste much stronger.  We bought two bags with the intent of squirreling them away for sometime next year but I was so unimpressed that I'm gifting them to my friend tomorrow who we turned into a cookie butter fiend as well.  Don't get me wrong, they are good but if you're a cookie butter connoisseur then you may find these a little muted next to expectations.  But you know, you should probably buy a box to take into work or share with the grandkids just to see for yourself.  HA!

I may or may not have made myself a triple decker with the remaining three.  ;-)

Now THAT was good!

Have you tried Cookie Butter Oreos?  What are your favorite Oreos?

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  1. I like the TJ ones with candy cane bits!

  2. I do like these but I agree they would be even better with the yellow cookie. The graham cookie kind of takes some of the cookie butter flavor away. But dunked in milk? Mmmm, melts in your mouth. Yeah, I am glad we're giving the other box to our friends. I do not need to get hooked on these, especially since you know they'll yank them before too long anyway. I sure wish they'd bring back the candy corn Oreos, those were the absolute best of the funky Oreo flavors in my opinion.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Oreos in general. I would try these if someone else had them and offered me one, but I don't see myself buying them unless they had a single pack of them. Also, 2 cookies is a serving? Riiiiiight.

  4. I adore Cookie Butter. I refrained from buying a jar when we were at TJ's the other day, but now I'm thinking a trip to Target might be in order. Lord....Give Me Strength!

  5. I am straight up plain jane when it comes to Oreos and I like the original ones best. The hubs likes the red velvet (meh), and adores double stuff (blech), but of all the ones I've tried, I keep coming back to the original. I thought I'd love the lemon ones and was disappointed. Mint? A little too much. Now, I do see they have a small bag out now of Apple Pie Oreos, and if I have a coupon I'll give them a shot. I know...I'm B-O-R-I-N-G. LOL


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