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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bringin' It

Happy Hump Day all!

Yesterday morning we got to start the day with a visit from the cable company.  A final $40/mo upcharge with a caveat of signing our lives away for a year to get it reversed was enough for the Mr to call and tell them we were cutting the cord after 21 years since they don't give a crap about their customers.  While this dude at least feigned empathy, he said he could actually get us to the price we were paying with some digital service.  So yesterday morning we had a technician out to switch stuff out.  The Mr works around computers and electronics and it always amuses us the things these guys try to blame on things that are obviously not the problem.  Do we appear to be 90 years old to you?  But you just shake your head and move on.  Now we get to re-learn a whole new system, attempt to get the shows we had taping before set in the DVR and hope that the price really is what they told us come this time next month.  It's like they want you to cut the cord.

I got some work done though not as much as I wanted to.  I need to whip my task pad back out.  I picked one up and last week it really helped me to have things written down to keep me on track.  Speaking of the track, I feel like I'm teetering on that edge of hopping the rails.  I have not tracked this week and after a gain last week when I really felt like I worked hard, I'm just irritated and feel like saying "eff it."  Sunday was basically another high cal day between brunch and going to the movies.  When we walked the historic district, we stopped and got ice cream and it wasn't even worth it because they changed the flavor of one of the ice creams.  I should've just thrown out the one scoop but I justified because it was expensive I shouldn't even though I've thrown away crap that cost more when I was in a better mindset.  Sigh.

Yesterday I decided to really concentrate on slowing down my eating and I wanted to throw some intensity into the workout.  We were doing Powerstrike and because we've done it so many years, it's one of those ones that can be very easy to go through the motions on.  Matter of fact, the thought was "it's cardio night, let's do something a little easier."  Screw easy.  The first combo, I felt myself going through the motions and I thought "you're never going to get out of this set of numbers if you keep doing what's easy."  "Well, you did what was hard last week and all you got was a gain."  "Shut up and put in some effort.  You DID just sample something you're sending to the workplace tomorrow so you've got some extra to work off now DO IT."

Yep, I sat there arguing with myself.  *smh*

But as I was rolling and stretching afterward and feeling good about the effort I just gave, I felt like I need to just get my shizz together.  We've got some down time coming up but getting there is going to be like JoBeth Williams running down the never ending hallway in Poltergeist.


I am ready to be in a better mental place where I feel like I can tackle being productive in every aspect of my life.  Does that exist?  I feel like everyone else has a handle on life and being together and I'm kind of this jalopy puttering along that may or may not get to their destination.  Pffft.

Do you feel like you're bringin' it?  (Whatever "it" is for you...and not the clown.)

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  1. We must have been on the same wavelength in our workout because I felt like I pushed myself harder for that one than I have in a long time. That can be a great workout if you put some intensity into it but it's one of those workouts you can easily fake too. And then you ask yourself, at times, why would you fake it anyway? Who are you fooling? Who pays for it in the end? You!

  2. I am finally buckling down and reigning in my eating and am seeing progress on the scale. Been on ww 6 months and down 14, 6 of those in the last 3 weeks. So I'm bringing it there but not at work. Can't seem to get motivated beyond the bare minimum. Always something to improve on in this messy thing we call life.
    Have a fabulous day!

  3. I'm right there with you! I had my crap together not long ago ... sailing with ease. I'm back with the same struggles trying to find that "magic" again. And if history holds, I'll find it and lose it many more times. Ugh and double ugh!! Universal woes for sure! The good news is I know I can get it back again ... as I'm sure you do too! I wonder if anyone really has it altogether LOL. Hope it's a good day :-)

  4. Have you thought about switching to an app for your channels such as Sling TV or PlayStationVue? I pay only $30 a month and get the same channels I watched on Direct TV or DishNetwork. It was definitely worth it to me to make that switch.

  5. I have lost it as well. Must be a tough summer for us working folk. Since my kids moved out we don't do actual grocery shopping because we don't have to, and that has totally destroyed the healthy eating we were doing. And I have seen it happening for weeks, but don't change it. Yeah, time to pull it together and start making the progress I was making in the spring.

  6. I've been very passive in my life as of late and have to constantly talk myself up to following through on tasks. I, too, feel like everybody else seems to have it all together and can balance life so much better, don't overthink things, follow their food plans and exercise plans, make time for fun, etc. Realistically I know that most people feel the same way, but still doesn't keep me from wanting to be one of the ones that "gets it." I've been complaining and yammering about the same things for years, so even I'm sick of hearing it. LOL I get inside my head to easy and ferment there instead of stepping right back out and moving forward. I drive myself nuts.

  7. Once I finally had it all together, I forgot where I put it. I'm pretty sure I stole that quote from somewhere, but it sums up my life pretty well. It's like I can get it together in one aspect, but then drop all the other stuff. So I pick something else up and drop the first thing. So - I can keep my house clean, or I can stay caught up at work, or I can find some "me" time, or I can watch what I'm eating and work out. Not too long ago it seemed like I was much more together, but I can't figure out how.

    You are not alone. I think we all feel that way at least some/most of the time. Even those people who appear to have it all together.


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