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Friday, July 14, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #28

Finally Friday!  Woo hoo!!

*booty poppin' weekend dance*

Let's rocket into...

Ease Tension in Your Hips and Back in Just 4 Minutes  (Yes please!)

7 Low-Back-Friendly Glute Exercises  (Halleluyer!)

12 Workout Mistakes That Sabotage Results  (Some good nuggets o' info in there)

This Mineral Fights Depression—and It’s Cheaper and Safer Than Prescription Drugs  (Could be an option for those not wanting to get on big pharma meds)

If You've Been Considering the Keto Diet, This Will Change Your Mind  (Very good info for those considering it)

Four Foods That Can Seriously Mess With Your Birth Control   (Take heed if you're on the pill)

Need a Mental-Health Day? This CEO's Email Will Inspire You to Take One  (Excellent response!  We all need to take a mental health day now and then.)

10 Signs You Are a Control Freak  (I wish I were #3)

50 Ways to Feel Younger Now  (Good to remember)

47 Little Ways to Keep Romance Alive  (Anyone up for #1?  LOL)

Fitness icons: Where are they now?  (That's quite the moo-lay (mullet), Denise!)

I got most of my project done and now I need to do some detail work so I'll hopefully finish that up today along with a little decorative project I wanted in there from the time I imagined this bathroom reno.  It's no biggie but I'm not telling the Mr about it either because it'll be the final piece to go in the bathroom after the counter dude leaves Tuesday.  I see cleaning the house in our future.  Boo.  Other than that, no real plans.

You guys got any plans this weekend?

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1 comment:

  1. I'm intrigued by this little extra detail project you're working on. Can't wait to see it all done! Happy Friday everybody!


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