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Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, we meet again

I finally finished up most of my project Friday night.  It was nice to get everything hung and painted.  I'm going to get the pictures rounded up and hopefully get that to y'all this week.  With the bathroom hopefully being totally done tomorrow, we could no longer ignore how crappy our tub caulk was looking so the Mr dug into it Friday night.  I am the caulk queen so I re-caulked both clear and white inside and out.  Of course, the one brand we already had was not water ready in 30 minutes like we thought plus it didn't match so we had to make a Home Depot run the next day.  But not before we had a little fun.  We tried a new restaurant not too far away and it was decent.  I made some tweaks to the sandwich I ordered and it was much better than I think the chef did with their original.  The Mr really liked his so we may go back if we need someplace different.  Then we headed to a few antique places I wanted to hit because you know, I need more ideas for projects.

If I had a cool, big yard, I'd totally take out a home equity loan and buy that slab as a cool bench under a shade tree.

Then I'd make something with these babies...

Corbels are my jam and you can bet I'm sniffing out places to put them if I can.  I think the Mr just cringes and hopes we get out alive with nothing in tow.  I ended up with a cool piece of wood.  No idea what I'm going to do with it.

We made a pit stop at home midday and before we knew it, it was dinner time.  Since the Mr was in the mood for a gyro (ain't never happenin' for this girl), I got a sub and I finished caulking the tub at like 11 pm.  

I woke up with my alarm and contemplated getting out of bed for 90 minutes before sleep took me. We're visiting some friends tonight to give them our old bathroom light since they just moved into a 'new to them' house.  Well, I can't show up empty handed and since I needed to film some recipes, I figured I'd use them as an excuse to make some delicious schtuff to take over so they didn't have to worry about making dinner.  I mean who wants to do that the day after all of your crap gets dropped at your door?  The Mr just kept shaking his head because I'm basically delivering main dish, side dish, dessert, and wine.  I swear my last name must be Devereaux.  So I broke my back with a six hour work day of baking, cooking, and filming and suddenly it was 6 pm and we needed to hit the last grocery store.  Off we went and they were out of mahi so we went across the street and got some of that, red snapper and some other fish I think.  By the time we got started with our workout, it was 7:30 pm and I wanted nothing more than to turn in my get out of jail free card but we didn't.  We did a 40 minute PT/strength sesh and then I made dinner.

So here it is 9:30 pm and the day, she is gone.  Sigh.

I've got lots to do today and we have to get ready for the countertop dude tomorrow.  SO excited! Maybe I'll give him some cookies.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. This is one Monday where I really considered going right back to bed after the alarm. If I didn't have some cookies to deliver I just might have, so I guess I should thank you for helping me keep up a good attendance at work! Have a great week everybody!

  2. Happy Monday! I had an old friend visit with her 2 kids and niece. Took the train to Chi-town for the tourist haunts. Great to hear the sounds of kids laughing and playing in the house again. My dryer fritzed out and I have to go get one quick as I have company again this weekend.Wish me luck!

  3. I've been busy with projects here too. Not remodeling, but cleaning and decluttering. I have all but the bedrooms done upstairs and still need to do the basement. Ugh. Last week the tree guy came and cut down 2 trees that needed to come down and trimmed another two to the property line. I spent all morning Saturday doing yardwork and then all afternoon mucking out my living room. Sunday was bills and paperwork and then took the boy to the pool. Today I'm trying to muster the motivation to pick another room on my summer cleaning list and get started.

  4. Phew! You were busy indeed! I'm tired just reading all you accomplished! LOL I was much more of a slacker, although I did get some things done. Awesome meeting, DMV, laundry, grocery shopping, bills paid, birthday cards mailed, lawn cut, and pooches brushed. What I SHOULD have done is clean the upstairs bathroom, but I did not. So now that's staring at me today...dag nabbit. Today I had therapy, made a run to a friend's mailbox with coupons, went to Walmart and then Aldi. and still the bathroom waits... rat fink.

    I'm with your Mr. -- love me some gyros!! =o)


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