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Monday, July 31, 2017

Does it ever end? weekend recap

We got our new kitchen light Wednesday but the Edison bulbs we ordered weren't going to be in until Friday.  We knew with the new hall lights that we needed to paint around where there was some discoloration from the old light.  We crossed our fingers and hoped we could get away with not having to paint the entire ceiling from the front hall into the living room.  As luck would have it, we seem to match in both spots so we were in the clear.  We didn't luck out in the kitchen.

When Friday night date night is painting the know you've settled comfortably into married life.

So I put on the disco channel, got the super thick ceiling roller and ceiling paint after the Mr taped off the crown molding and got to it.  It looked much better when we were done.

Thankfully because it's a 2 butt kitchen, I didn't have a ton to paint.  He got the worst part of it but given I had to contort myself in the bathroom for 2 days to paint a couple of weeks ago, I'd say we came out about even in both rooms.  Both rooms, you ask?  I wanted to paint the attic access panel that looked like crap after a less than seamless patch job a few years ago and that meant it was now too white to match so we had to paint the bathroom ceiling.

One big thing kept glaring at me in the bathroom...that ugly ass crown molding.  It's not even crown molding, it's chair rail our friend put up to mimic crown molding and I've hated it since the day it went up because there's this weird gap at the top.  After painting the ceiling, the gap looked even more pronounced to me so I uttered how much I hated it Saturday morning and I thought the Mr would pass it off as a dream and never mention it again.  Well, he did mention it Saturday night and said the next day we could go look for the new crown if I wanted to do it.  Apparently doing a kick ass job on baseboards and quarter round will give you that kind of confidence.  So we went to Lowe's and found this angle cut dohickey  (affiliate link) that is supposed to help with wonky wall angles and some casing that looked similar to our chair rail and would fit in the space we have between the wall and attic access trim, which ain't much.  That project is for this week because we just couldn't fit it all in especially after Pottery Barn had us make a trip out to their store to see a sample fabric and then they couldn't locate it after 30 minutes of trying to find their ass with both hands.  *rolling eyes*

We were able to get outside a little bit and enjoy the weather here and there but it felt like most of the weekend was dominated with more home improvement crapola.  Just when you think you're done picking paint out from under your nails.  Sigh.

One last thing

(You know who you are!  :-)  )

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Confirmed. Painting the ceiling is still as bad as I remembered. Have a great week everybody!

  2. Ughness, I'm a walking disaster with a paintbrush. And having to do the ceilings -- egads, I'd have more paint on my face than anything. LOL Just think of when winter comes and you're stuck indoors on a stormy night, you can look around and see all the amazing things you've accomplished. It will definitely feel worth it at that point. But not today, ma'am. Not today. LOL

    And thank you, Mr. Freeman. I sure did read it in your voice! =o)


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