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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


It was a pretty low key day low key I debated posting because I bored myself recalling it!

The Mr was basically a walking ice pack and was pretty quiet as he fell in and out of consciousness all morning.  I was trying to find him a cardio workout through Fitness Blender to do instead of the scheduled upper body hell that awaited me but there wasn't anything that didn't include a goodly amount of modification on his part.  (Push ups, burpees, etc)  I told him to just do Walk Away the Pounds while he's on a no strength training order from the chiro.

I finally got down there to do my upper body burnout and posture workout around 4pm and cursed my way through it.  I had to ice my knee when I was done because between leg day on Sunday and snowshoeing the next day, my knee let me know it didn't appreciate basically two leg days in a row.  The Mr pooped out on the couch and I tried not to succumb since I already snuck in a nap earlier.  I decided I would go up and give the bod a soak in a nice Epsom salt/lavender bath.

Dinner was orange roughy over quinoa with brussels and we wrapped up the night with some hot tea.

I mended the Mr's pj's whilst he showed me the bruise beginning to form on his hip.  It's thankfully nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

We knocked a few more shows off the DVR including Ina Garten in Paris and I thank God I don't make a drinking game out of how many times she says "fabulous."  We watched The Muppets and I have to say Uncle Deadly (Piggy's assistant) is the Mr and I's favorite character.  Sooo funny.  Then we had to decide what to watch live at 10pm...Limitless or The People vs. O.J. Simpson.  Limitless won.  About halfway through I began to feel tired which I can probably thank Flux for.  Since I can be on the laptop up until 10 minutes before bed, this has really helped us by lowering the blue light from the computer.  I don't know I necessarily get to bed earlier but I get tired steps.

Is anyone else watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson?  What's on your DVR lately?
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  1. No g'news is good g'news right? Overall, I think they are doing a pretty good job on the People vs OJ. It's interesting to watch it and gain more insight into the case than we had before - and we had a lot of insight before. I remember watching coverage of it all the time but things should get real interesting once they get to the actual trial.

  2. Sometimes I'm frustrated with the nothing going on in my life too, but then I think of all the exciting times and I'm grateful for the nothing.

    That's not one I'm particularly interested in watching. If it were on at someone else's house I'd watch, but I won't go out of my way. I have last week's Sleepy Hollow to still watch and a couple episodes of Castle. I'm going to sign up for Hulu so I can watch 11.22.63 - but I need to go buy gift cards or something because I want to be able to cancel once I've seen it and I don't want to give them my credit card so they can just keep charging me. Some of those subscription services are really hard to cancel.

  3. I'm not watching that show but I know a couple of friends who are and they say it's really good. I had a bunch of Last Man Standing episodes and one Mike & Molly one recorded and I've managed to go through a good portion of those. I've also been recording My 600 Lb Life and will watch those after everyone has gone to bed. It's heartbreaking stuff and I need to be in a quiet frame of mind when I watch them.


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