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Monday, February 8, 2016

Well, that was ugly

Happy Monday all!

I'm glad this weekend is over.  Twas not harmonious.  So I will post the best thing about Saturday...

Don't let the smile fool you...10 minutes later the Mr & I were hissing at each other like cats and dogs.
Saturday night was a pretty intense, serious 3 1/2 hour slobberknocker of a "discussion" until 3am.  I am hopeful things will get better and sometimes you have to just go to the ugly, dark places to come through to the light.  Movin' forward to being better people than we were two days ago.

Yesterday wasn't full of as much progress on my end for cleaning but the Mr stepped up like a champ.  I made brunch, our usual Sunday tradition.

Brings new meaning to 'sunny side up!'
It was grocery haul weekend so the fridge is full.  The Mr got tired so I didn't hold him the Sunday night veggie cutting.  He's teleworking today so he can do it sometime today and I'll eat the older veggies.  He earned a little down time.  It was leg day and because I was an idiot and wore boots with heels the day before, I was in bad shape before the workout and I should be heartily limping like Keyser Soze.  (affiliate link) 

Today I need to get my part done.  I already feel some stress lifting by the house's lower level looking almost acceptable for company and now I need to work on the upper level.  I need to breathe and the clutter is stifling not just on a stress level but on a creativity level.  It needs to stop.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Happy Monday 😣
    Sorry you had a sucky day. The pup is a cutie!
    Ma and I ventured out to Iowa to my Aunt's 80th birthday party on the farm. I tell ya, as soon as I pull into the farm, I am overcome by such emotion, so many wonderful childhood memories. US 5 city kids spent summers with our 9 cousins picking corn shucking corn, defeathering chickens, milking cows and bailing hay there. Great friendships were made with my cousins that have lasted all these years. All the hugs and laughs, I just love them! My uncle is 92 and I always make sure I take the opportunity to thank them for what they have done for my family. They always cry when we leave. I stopped by my ex's sister's
    House on the way home. She is a challenge. She has a debilitating disease, prettyuch homebound and has almost nobody to help her out. It's very sad because she has a daughter down south who is worthless. She sacrificed everything to raise her and there is no gratitude or even love from that boa constricter. How do you give hope to someone you see none for? Unfortunately, I feel like there a lot of people in her shoes.
    I just want to call up her daughter and tear her apart.
    For clutter, you know I always your flylady, she help me develop habits that keep my house unclutteted and clean 90% of the time. It's kitschy but if you stick with it, it works.
    I just got on the bandwagon for the kondo folding method as well. Here's hoping for a great week!

  2. We didn't make it this far without honesty and, unfortunately, sometimes honesty can be brutal too. But I feel like it was a necessary evil. That pup was a cutie!

  3. Basketball Saturday, then an evening with friends. Sunday I watched the Superbowl and dozed on the couch. Woo to the Hoo for the exciting weekend.

  4. What an adorable pup! Looks like he'd give good kisses. Saturday we bought a recliner that I'm very excited about. Yesterday I took care of a lot of errands and did some cooking and felt good with all I accomplished. I think I was asleep within two minutes of hitting the bed though...the day wore me out but in a good way.

  5. We had some deep conversation too. Big sigh. On another note...cute jacket:)


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