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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Red flags and butts

Happy Hump Day all!

The Mr was teleworking so we got to get in our workout early.  Twas an abs/cardio combo and then a lower body follow up.  We've got about 10 days left on our 2 month Fitness Blender program.  My body will be happy for the break.  I'll go into that more after we're done.

A week or two ago, the Mr left a message for a fireplace service company that had good reviews but kind of a condescending message on their machine.  Something along the lines of "it's fireplace season, so we're busy and will get back to you when we can."  We gave it 2 weeks and the Mr followed up, expecting to leave another message but someone answered.  He mentioned he'd called after he said it would be 3 weeks before he could get us in.  He made the appointment and then started shopping other places because it just had a red flag feel to it.  He went through Home Advisor who hooked him up with another place and we've got an appointment for Friday.  Hopefully all will go smoothly and we can call and cancel the other place when this guy takes care of business.

I ran to the bank and closed out my business account.  After checking my account, I noticed they'd been charging me a monthly service charge for being under a certain amount.  (An amount I'd been under before with no charges)  Then I also noticed there was a bogus charge on my account for a phishing site.  I disputed it and when I called to discuss the service charge, the customer service rep got super condescending and I had to hold back from going Ant-Man, running through the phone line and bitch slapping him through the other end.  A few days later, I got a letter basically saying that I should talk to all people authorized to use my card with an undertone of the hack being my fault.  I've got news effers, I'M the only person authorized to use my card and the fact you are insinuating it's not you, it's me, means our business relationship ends.  So I opened an account at a competing bank with absolutely no hidden charges and transferred everything over there.  I feel much better.  I don't make much but what I do make should be mine, not the banks.  Rat bastards.

Later I heated up the chili and we had that with a little sourdough butt...

(Sorry Mary...the butt may not have been as scandalous as you were thinking!)
We rented Secret in Their Eyes (affiliate link)  with Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.  Wow!  First off, there is a scene that evoked the same emotion as M'lynn at Shelby's funeral.  Then the twist and then the second twist...then the third!  Holy sh*tballs!  While it felt somewhat slow at parts, it was all well worth it.

What was the last business that gave you big, fat red flags?

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  1. Love that chili! That was a good movie. I recommend it too. It does have some slow parts but the payoff is good. Happy Hump Day!

  2. I hope the new fireplace company works out. Most of the local businesses I've worked with are pretty good, they can't afford not to be in a small-ish town with a small customer base. I do need to look for a new insurance agent, my old one (that I really really liked) retired and I'm not so sure about the new one. It's such a hassled though to change over cars and the house insurance - plus one of the competing agents is way worse so I don't have a lot of options.

  3. I just got an email Sunday night at 11pm from my credit card company that their were charges they suspected of being fraud that had just occurred. Sure enough, five charges to my account all happened within the previous hour and they were all online fraud. So after being on hold for 33 minutes, I finally got somebody and had to cancel my account and paperwork will need to be filled out by me about this fraud crap. Amazing how much work I have to do even though it's not my fault. Someone is supposed to call me to investigate and I still have to pay for the charges until the investigation closes within 90 days, and they'll reimburse me once it's cleared. NOT what I wanted to do on a Sunday night after a crappy weekend. The charges were some magazine subscription, Omaha Steaks, Build-a-Bear, and something else. I only had one charge on the entire account from the beginning of the month. So frustrating!

  4. I am dealing with insurance companies. Suffice it to say I'm extremely frustrated and hate them all. But health insurance is a necessity or I would tell them all where they can stick it.

  5. I switched telephone providers and got charged $80 for early cancellation. Mind you, I was with this company for over 20 years, long before cell service, internet, fancy cable and netflix, because they were the only company available where I live. So I said to the guy at the call centre, "how can I be charged an early cancellation fee when there was no such thing when I got the service?" He told me to read the fine print on my bill. I then said, this is crazy, not going to pay it. His response? "I don't care, it's not my credit that's going to be affected when it goes to collection". Needless to say the conversation with this guy was over. Took me a month, and countless hours on the phone to get the charge removed. My final statement to them? This is why I switched providers, your customer service sucks! They've been trying to lure me back with deals ever since, lol.


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