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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

King Kelly does it again

I was so excited to watch Kelly Slater win the 2013 Fiji Pro in Tavarua, Fiji. 

For those who don't follow surfing, Kelly is a 41 year old surfer who is still schooling the younger up and comers even though by surfing standards he's considered the "old man" of the bunch.  He's pretty consistently in the top five and watching him is like watching a true master at work.  While the other guys were all taking a break after their heats two days ago, Kelly went out and surfed because he loves surfing whether he's competing or not.  His dedication, physical conditioning, mental confidence, leadership and letting age be a number and not a boundary, keep me coming back to watch him do what he does best.  He's a true inspiration to not only stay active but to keep doing the things you love.

Do you admire a particular athlete?  Do they inspire you to keep your fitness goals in check?

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  1. So glad he won. That is awesome. It doesn't matter what your age is if you've still got the passion and he is living proof of that.

  2. I admired John Stockton, point guard for the Utah Jazz basketball team when I was learning to love basketball, for all the same reasons.


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