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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pop a squat

Yesterday was a nice, successful day one for doing my 10 squats at the top of the hour.  I will admit, I got behind about midday because I was in a zone working (which paid off later with a Zazzle "Today's Best Pick"...go moi!)  So there was one point where I had to make up 30 in a row but that's okay with me as long as I got the 100 in.  Honestly, it helped alot with the lower back pain I'm having from my bed.  (Dang thing is like 2 years old and already giving me back problems no matter how many times I rotate it or whatnot.  Boo!)  I've got 20 under my belt so far this morning and again it's helping with the lower back pain so I'm gonna stick with it.  I know it doesn't sound like much but if you figure that if someone asked you to give them 100 squats, you'd groan just a little on the inside.  By breaking it up it feels like "is that all you got?"  Who knows, I might sneak a couple extra in here and there. 

Looking forward to chicken tacos tonight.  I'm a big cheese person but I love that I don't even need cheese on these, it tastes like it's already there!  It's the creamy texture of the hummus that makes it feel like it's there.  I sub spinach for lettuce and still add the onion.  So I'll have to whip out my handy dandy onion goggles (yes, they really work!  I was skeptical too!) and cut those up later.  Maybe I'll keep half raw and carmelize the other half if I'm feeling ambitious.  So perhaps y'all will have a new recipe to look forward to tomorrow!  (Of course I pretty much just gave you the recipe.  D'oh!)

Have a great one everybody!

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  1. Sounds yum! Never heard of onion goggles but I will be investigating them!

  2. Goodness that sounds tasty! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese. Seriously it is my favorite food group in the world, ok not that it is a food group but it should be. I'm interested to hear about how the recipe turns out, oh and it in general so I can make it myself :)

    Good job on the squats! It sure adds up doesn't it. Glad it is helping with the back pain

  3. Sounds delish! Squat, baby, squat!! Good job!


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