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Monday, May 16, 2011

Grillin' time!

We wanted to be grillers but honestly, we're lazy when it came to grill care.  A ripped cover was about all it took to not care about covering it during rougher weather and then you open the lid and are like "I don't want to eat off of that no matter how much elbow grease I put into it!"  But the Mr saw a charcoal commercial and that was about it.  Off we went to home improvement stores to look for a new grill.  He really wanted an infrared grill and the one we liked was being guarded by a d-bag salesman who got me SO ticked off I literally had to walk away before I punched him.  I looked at the Mr and said we're LEAVING!  So off to their competitor where they had an upgraded version with a cover for the same price.  So we thought "score!"  We realized the guy who was much nicer and likeable was also a shuck and jive artist and didn't really know what he was talking about.  They only had assembled ones that wouldn't fit in our car.  Then he checked another store for boxed ones and said they had 14.  We drive out there and they have none.  This did not make for a happy Mrs.  Then we drove to the final one that wasn't in a bad area and they had one left.  It got dismantled and put into the car.

So after 3 hours, the Mr had it put together.  The next day we put it out there, seasoned it and I threw some salmon burgers on the grill and some corn on the cob.  It was AWESOME!  We tried to do mahi mahi on the grill but that didn't come out as well.  I think we might actually be going back into the world of grilling and it's nicer to not worry about those frequent cancer inducing flare ups to char the food.  It's all covered up under its cozy grill cover waiting for our next culinary adventure.  Oh and our old grill?  Well, I stuck a sign on it that said "Free!  Clean today, grill tonight!" and 58 minutes later it was gone!  Gotta love it! 

Do you grill out alot?  If so, what do you like to throw on the barbie?
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  1. I love, love, love grilling. It's so much less time consuming than making something on the least it seems to be, but perhaps that's because I get to be outside.

    We make tons on the grill: chicken, steak, corn on the cob, veggies, kabobs, hamburgers, hotdogs... the usual. My FIL makes eggs on the grill sometimes. We make sausage on the grill - brats.

    Usually, I'll prep chicken on Sunday and throw it in a Ziploc freezer bag with a marinade and pop it in the fridge so that I can just pull it out and throw it on the grill during the week. Makes my life easier!

    Enjoy your new grill.

  2. Love grilling!!! I have one of those cancer inducing flare up grills though....until it bites the dust or kills me first....I'm not getting a new one. :) Haha!

  3. The ex used to grill all the time and I did love it. Pork chops, turkey burgers, hot dogs, nothing too fancy. I think I need to get me one of those little charcoal ones and learn how to myself. Its that time of year and I can smell it and I miss it. Although I will be going camping Memorial day weekend and there will be plenty of hubbies I can borrow to help me out :)

    Mmmmm now I really want to grill!

  4. I LOVE grilled fish. I spent what my husband thought was too much money on a grill wok. Now I can have fish, veggies, even crab cakes and scallops from the grill.

  5. I love when Bill grills anything. I ain't touchin it. lol He likes smoked everything and I can't stand the taste of anything smoked. It all tastes like ham, no matter what it is, when it's smoked. Yuck. Bill grills lots of chicken and we have it for dinner, and then have enough to chunk up and throw into a big salad the next day. *slurp* He grills cubed red potatoes with rosemary in one of those disposable aluminum pans and that comes out awesome. Ohhhhh and grilled Portobello mushrooms with garlic, one of my FAVES!

  6. My hubs is a self-proclaimed grill master so we grill it up a lot! He makes some AWESOME baby-back ribs, carne asada, and steaks. Hmmm...sounds like most of what gets grilled is not too healthy fare! LOL

    I will admit, I usually have to make some modifications, but every once in awhile I will enjoy a good old-fashioned burger from the grill!

  7. I love grilled food, but have never done so myself. Hubby is away on a loooong business trip, but before he left he made his BBQ ribs for me...enough to last until he returned (hopefully). We already have a list on what he's going to be making when he does get back...cold or not. lol


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