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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


June is turning out to be a way different month than I had planned.  I sprained my thumb while on vacation, we’ll say either getting in the hot air balloon or wild escapades because they sound way better than what actually happened, which was luggage related.  I’d been x-rayed and nothing was broken or fractured which was a plus but boy did it hurt like a mother.  So I wore a brace, got to the point where I actually forgot about it and did routine things like weight training (which I was cleared to do), planks and you know, pushing off of a chair arm and continued to re-injure myself. 

June was going to be hell month and unless I want to really set myself back, Hell is gonna have to wait.  So June will be full of a LOT of cardio and once a week Forza Sword workouts with wrapping paper cores so there is no additional weight but still working the muscles from repetition.  It is going to be hard but I have to do it to take care of myself and not make a bad situation worse.  I’ll admit I teared up a little I’ve got to believe it’s for the best right now. 

I made up my workout schedule which I’ll post tomorrow.  It looks decent and where there might’ve been strength workouts, there is now ab work or lower body calisthenics.  We sorely neglect our abs exclusively so that should be a good thing to add in.   I’m actually looking forward to seeing what will come of this month so just a reminder that you need to be flexible in your plan because the best mapped out schedules can sometimes get curve balls thrown at them!

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  1. How cool would your sword workout be with actual swords? Like the plastic kiddie kind at the dollar store. When I read sword workout, that's the mental image that popped to mind.

  2. Sad, I'm sorry it is giving you such trouble. I hope that your plan helps it out and gets it on the mend (which is really important). Plus yay for switching up the routine which will probably help a lot.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm sorry your thumb is still giving you fits. If it was a deep sprain or something similar, those can take a long time to heal. So you are being smart by changing up your workouts and focusing on more cardio and ab work (I so dread core workouts because I'm incredibly weak there!). Flexibility is absolutely key because it allows for on the fly changes and keeps us from going off the deep end.

  4. hopefully, the rest will help you heal.


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