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Friday, May 13, 2011

Avoiding the spiral

Vacations has always been our downfall.  Not necessarily because of the weight we gain by loosening the reigns a bit on the food (never the exercise though, we walk all the time on vacay) but because when we came back we always procrastinated getting started again.  We'd give ourselves the rest of the time off work as a free for all because we were "on vacation."  Then we wouldn't workout and if I didn't mention it, he wouldn't either or we'd say "we need to workout" and then not do it.  Before we knew it, weeks and sometimes months passed by before we'd get back and by that time we kept our vacation weight and then some.  We could retrace the beginning of the end many times back to not getting right back to business when we came back from vacation.

Last year when we came back from Hawaii, we got right back to it the next day both food and exercise and never looked back.  We did the same thing this time when we got back from vacation.  I wasn't able to do a full strength session our first day due to a thumb injury but it was good enough to get a good pump going and some soreness the next day.  Then Turbo Fire 45 yesterday which I thought I was doing pretty good at until I felt like I usually do when I'm done halfway through and today 50 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution.  I am happy that we're back in the routine, have all of the fruit and veggies cut and ready to go and the water is flowing.  I'm still trying to get my innards back on track but hoping the fiber and water will rectify all of that.  I can't explain why but I have a renewed vigor approaching my journey and ready to roll baby!

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  1. AWESOME!!!! Just another one of those changes...good for you guys. :)

  2. Taking a break sometimes has that effect. Roll with it baby!

  3. I'm always very impressed with your ability to get back to it after a vacation...Awesome!! Impressed too that you aren't using the thumb as an excuse :)!

  4. Woohoo! You probably just needed a little break from it all and now feel ready to go. That is awesome that you are back at it so quickly. You rock!


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