Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Hump Day Poll: May Flowers

What flowers are popping up in your garden?

I didn't do any last year but I might like to get some perennials established this year like phlox out front and maybe a purple rose if I can find one for Mom.  Not quite sure out back but hoping for some good ideas from you guys!

(Also, there's a post coming tomorrow so swing back by)

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  1. Would be nice to see some perennial flowers coming up every year with minimal effort haha.

  2. Since we put in the purple sticker bush out front we don't plant flowers anymore. But we do buy potted plants and put those out front. We have a big wooden planter that like so much (except for how heavy it is! lol) that we put a big Rio Dipladenia in every year that has this cool banana leaf in the middle and the flowers off on that thing are amazing. It lasts well into the late autumn and is so easy to care for. I'm thinking of doing a few smaller pots by the sticker bush, more in the back where they can stand taller and make a nice border. And last year I did not do our little bridge with the 3 mini-size openings but plan to this year. We buy the 3 - 4 inch containers and use some food flower and they bloom like crazy for the whole summer. Then when it's over, into the field they go and I recycle the little containers they come in.


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