Friday, April 14, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #15

Howdy do all and a happy Friday to you and yours!  It was the first week we didn't have contractors in the house. 


However, I am completely irritated with the ceiling and am starting to understand why textured ceilings exist.  I'm not saying I want them but my God, I have repainted that effing ceiling so many times, it's not even funny.  According to YouTube University, it has to do with the way the light comes into your room.  It supposedly hits the high points on the paint and casts shadows.  I beg to differ.

That looks splotchy as hell, does it not??  That's like 3 coats of primer and now 3 or 4 coats of ceiling paint depending on where you're at.  (Four on the worst parts.)  I friggin' give up.  We'll just live by candlelight.  


So I guess the moral of this story is for anyone considering smoothing your ceilings and you don't have high ceilings, this is likely your future so decide what you want to live with.  

Other than that, I finally got some color on the walls.  Again, lighting plays such a major role in how it looks.  I love it in the main area but in the hall it looks dark and a somewhat odd tone.  I've got several paintings to break that up when things are finally at that stage.  We're hoping for a BIG push over the next three days and I'm putting my painting playlist on shuffle because this needs to get done now.  Of course with having actual color on the walls means even more drywall issues have popped up and there is literally zero we can do about it.  I mean I suppose we could call the patch people back but it's a minimum of $300 for what we'd need done and I'm just over it.  I am seriously going to buy a piece of drywall and practice mudding and taping at some point.  I must perfect this because the amount they charge is insane and for the end product from our main guy to not turn out a whole lot better than I could do right now?  No bene.  

Now let's turn to:

3 Easy Moves to Improve Your Posture Throughout The Day  (My posture is getting worse and worse.  I need to do these in addition to slinging my posture corrector back on when I find it.)

Do You Lose Weight When You Poop? And 4 Other Poop and Weight Links  (Sure feels like it.  Can't count how many times I've thought "darn, wish that would've happened before a weigh-in!")

How To Make Worrying Actually Productive, From A Psychologist  (I need to master these because that has been my go to emotion since I was 9!)

How to Hack Insurance So You Can Get the Hormones You Need  (This is pathetic you have to hack insurance for something most women go through.  VERY good info in this and how to save money!)

Woman’s sense of taste and smell return 2 years after first getting COVID (Bawled watching this.  I remember when I was in a similar situation about 10 years ago and lost taste/smell for 4 months.  You do not realize how much less enjoyable life is without it not just food wise but smells you take for granted.)

Brandon Lee's loved ones remember 'The Crow' star 30 years after his death  (Courtesy of the Mr.  I can't believe it's been 30 years.  I remember seeing it in the theaters opening weekend just weeping.  Brandon was absolutely mesmerizing in that movie.)

On a non house crap related note, my aunt sent me a picture of her and my cousin who found her wedding dress for next year.  It is absolutely perfect on her and I couldn't help getting a little emotional as she was the flower girl in our wedding just as I was in her mom's wedding.   Because she is exactly like me in so many ways (mannerisms definitely!) they always joked that she was the Mr and I's baby but we were too young to keep her (17 and 19) so my aunt raised her.  At one point, she actually believed it and started crying.  Should I have been offended?   Nope, you're not ours sweetie because you've got your daddy's sides flat lips just like all of 'em so he couldn't deny you and your brother if he tried!  😆

We've got no set plan but I'm sure just Mach 2 with our hair on fire just like Maverick.  I am reeeally hoping to have a massive dent in things by Sunday.  Wish us luck!

What do you have on your agenda for the weekend? 

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  1. It finally feels like we're turning a corner on this Reno and I thank you for kicking major ass ss on that this week. Ready to kick some more this weekend and see just how close we can get to normal. Have a great weekend everyone!


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