Monday, April 24, 2023

Back to Basics Weekend Recap

Y'all.  We friggin' did it.  

If you only knew what it took to get us to this feeling like heaven last Thursday.

It was like unearthing some treasure when that ramboard came up and I wiped up the drywall dust everywhere before Swiffering.  I can't tell you how utterly depressing it was to come down to that crap show every single day for over 6 weeks.  Here's a refresher of what I'm talking about.

I mean really, who wouldn't want to come down every morning to that and then quickly retreat back upstairs and close the door like it doesn't exist??  😑

I steam cleaned the couch cushions because they'd been in the basement collecting dust, rogue dryer lint and sorrow for the same amount of time and those took a good 18 hours to dry.  It's not as good as when you wash them but I did not have it in me to wrestle those bastards off the couches and go through all of that.  Besides the spot I hang them is occupied with half the living room down there.  It will suffice until I'm able to do that and then hopefully I can just maintain with the steam clean every 3 months.  By Saturday, we were able to be at a very basic level which overjoyed us.

Wall Color:  Behr Studio Clay

As usual, the wall color doesn't translate the way it does IRL but I must say I'm in love with the color.  The warm tone is exactly the subtle change I wanted over the cool gray we've had for 8 years.  We've still got a ways to go but having a place to sit down and to eat dinner is freaking monumental after tipping toward two months without it.  

In case any of you are wondering what the next project is, it involves this lovely crap fest the drywaller left behind.

I scraped off the paint to make sure we had a viable board to stain and since this pic was taken, I also scraped the top of the rail so I would be able to stain up top.  My plan is once it's stained that I will caulk the gap.  My plan is to use brown caulk to blend in with dark walnut stain.  Does that sound like a plan or do you have any suggestions?  Because we can't get anything more out of people than shock and "good luck."  Some said he rendered the rail useless but it's not like we used the top of the rail anyway so that was a little dramatic but it's just awkward looking and reboils mah blood.

We got some little stuff done here and there afterward including me priming the inside of the closet.  Remember that?  From TWO months ago??  Yep, it's just been hangin' out like 


So we did those things and not the art hanging that I thought we'd get done before our walk last night. We'll see if we can't slide that in today or tomorrow because those pieces are taking up a lot of real estate and I want to see if they absorb any noise from Dick de Wad.  

On a side note, today is a former friend's birthday.  I would like to kick that useless info out of my brain, please.  Does anyone else still remember pointless birthdays of people you haven't spoken to in 30 years??  Just me?  As you were.

Now another weekend has swirled down the commode and we landed here on this saucy wench known as Monday.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I can't describe how nice it was to sit on a couch after not having that luxury for so long. I really love the paint color too and feel so much better after that depressing mess we were stuck in for so long. I know there's plenty of work yet but not looking at that soul drain that was our living room already makes it easier.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! You got a TON done and are now able to sit at the table to eat and sit on a comfy couch to just breathe. It has to feel amazing to have your space back, even in it's most barest of stages. Gives you more time to really sit and enjoy the beautiful paint color as you envision putting the artwork back up. Yippee!!!!!!


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