Thursday, May 25, 2017

Food Review: Trader Joe's Oh My Guava Tea

On a grocery refill weekend, the Mr and I found ourselves in Trader Joe's.  We also look at the samples to see if there's anything and whatever they had out on one side of the counter didn't appeal to me but I saw a drink on the right.  It said guava tea and knowing how the Mr likes flavored teas, I mentioned it to him.  He said no thanks and we kept walking.  I said "oh, okay."  Then he decided to go grab a cup.  He excitedly ran over and said, "this isn't hot, it's cold but taste this and tell me what it reminds you of!"  I took a sip and it tasted just like our beloved Aloha Maid drink from Hawaii.  I told him that cup was now mine, go get his own and grab a bottle of it.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info...

Here's their description of the product...

The next day we were having a BBQ beef sammie and some oven baked fries so it seemed like the perfect compliment.

The verdict?

I'll tell you right now, I'm not a flavored tea person especially where fruit is concerned but this stuff is AWESOME!  I don't taste tea at all really.  It tastes like pure guava to me but it's not overpowering. It's the perfect refreshing summertime drink and since that unofficially kicks off this holiday weekend, it might be only right you swing by your local Trader Joe's and pick some up!

The only "con" is the guava does settle so you might want to keep a spoon or straw handy to give things a stir between sips.  It's not enough of an annoyance to keep me away though.

(If you don't have a TJ's near you, I suspect you could brew up some tea and grab some guava nectar from the Spanish section of your grocery store and get the same effect.)

Do you like flavored tea?

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  1. I like black licorice flavored tea from Aldi

  2. I did not expect to like this so much but I do. It's so refreshing.

  3. I'm not a huge tea drinker. Usually only when I'm sick. I like some flavors, but not others. I generally prefer spicy teas over fruit flavored ones, but I do like lemon juice in iced tea.

  4. Love the peach tea at Olive Garden.


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