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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Making leftovers and turning down paradise for now

Since it's November, it's only appropriate that the focus turns to Christmas Thanksgiving.  Over the weekend, I spotted Butterball Natural turkeys for $.99/lb at Target.  Since I am always having to make an extra for us to have "leftovers", I figured I'd get a jump on things this year and roast up the bird early so when we're ready for them Thanksgiving weekend (and beyond), it'd already be all ready to go.  I'm telling you, the FoodSaver (affiliate link) is my jam, y'all! 

If you like the way the bird looks, don't forget to check out my tutorial on how to cook the perfect turkey!   I mean look at that herbed juicy breast!  I won't even have to fire up to oven for more than my pies...

and stuffing..

...and sweet potatoes.


I wish I could say we dug into it last night but I had to resist temptation.  Okay, we may have done a few slivers of "quality control."  I'll have a nice Thanksgiving (or otherwise) side dish coming up for you soon!  I need to do a trial run on my sweet potatoes that I'm making for the whole family this year since they say you never try a new recipe for a crowd.  Trust me, I've done it and the results were not always stellar.  What springs to mind is last years caramel apple crumb pie where I used a blogger's recipe for the pie crust and forgot an ingredient.  Then by the time I added it, it should've been fine but it tasted weird to me once it was baked.  People said nothing but good things but I noticed it for sure.  I'll probably just stick with my tried and true Betty Crocker recipe from back in the day.  I actually might make those ahead of time, FoodSave them and thaw them the night before I make them in the fridge.  This year I am all about not running around like a maniac.  That weekend will be especially busy as it's usually the last college game of the season and the Mr and I like to do a "spread" of appetizers and it's always good for me because it's just frozen crap I have to heat up.  Well, my friend may be moving many states away and that was the only available time she had to get together so I will have to try to suppress my urge to go overboard.  (I say this every year.)

The Mr had some job related stuff come up...some good, some confusing, some downright heartbreaking as an opportunity for a position on Kauai came up but it's not secure for the long term.  We've gone through the contract work in our younger days and it's a stressful way to live.  I keep tearing up over it and not necessarily because we're passing it up but because the circumstances just aren't something we're comfortable with but it's been the closest we've come.  It's almost ideal so it feels like a carrot dangling.  It's not as easy as "you only live once!" or "do it!" because it sounds good on paper but it's much more complicated.  Ugh, I don't even want to think about it anymore or I'm going to drive myself nuts.

When we finally got our butts downstairs to workout, we did Shaun T's Cardio Focus.  I'll take 635 calories burned for 25 minutes.  Dinner was mahi taco and Brussels.  We grabbed our showers and chilled the rest of the night.

What Thanksgiving food are you in charge of for the holiday? 

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  1. Lots of choices ahead with no real clue as to how to move forward really. Sometimes seeing your choices helps you realize that what you have is already good though so we'll see how it all shakes out.

    That turkey was just flat out perfect. Is it wrong to look forward to the leftovers more than the bird that other people make on Thanksgiving day?

  2. I host Thanksgiving for the family and I don't really make them participate. My sister insists on making homemade dressing so I let her. That's it. The rest is on me since they're coming from out of town.

    The job front. Hubby has been looking for a new job for over a year. He's had some interviews, some flat out refusals and even made to the final round on some of them. It's absolutely heartbreaking each and every time. Hang in there.

  3. I don't know what I'm responsible for this year. I don't even know if I'm doing the meal here, at my folks, or at a friends' that I've been invited to. Everything's so up in the air. All I know is that I'm not doing a bird - I don't care who comes or where I go, I'm not going to mess with it. If my folks come and my mom wants to do one here - fine. I don't mind doing all the sides (I love your dressing recipe) and even desserts (ginger snap pumpkin bites, yum) but no bird. If I feel the need for turkey I'll buy a pre-cooked breast from the supermarket the day before. I will be looking for sales though and pick up a couple turkeys to donate and one to have on hand for Christmas.

  4. The FoodSaver is awesome isnt' it! My mom got that for me a few years ago and I'm just amazed at the difference in freezing stuff and how it tastes cooked. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do for Thanksgiving this year. It'll just be the two of us now with the dogs, so I'm struggling with that. I'll probably go with a small turkey the hubs will deep fry and a small turkey breast in the oven. I'll do my usual sides of ranch red mashed potatoes in the crockpot, yummy homemade stuffing (that's what I'll nosh on almost the whole day), the hub's cheezy potatoes, and attempt a new veggie dish. All of that holds up well over the holiday weekend, but I'll just make less than what I normally do. I can prepare almost everything a day or two ahead so it'll be very laid back this year. I do want to make the quick breads though that were mom's favorite -- don't want to break that tradition.


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