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Friday, November 20, 2015

DIY blow up and what I'm reading this week

This has been the longest week ever.

I had a DIY project blow up on me yesterday.  Instead of turning it into kindling, I made and took pics of a recipe.  I'm trying to salvage it but trust me, I'll blog about what some would call a pinterest fail but it's my own idea so it's my own fail.  Beh.

But enough about my craptastic project gone awry, let's get to...

Studies Reveal Health Benefits of Vacations, Parks  (I could've told you that!)

Read This Woman's Perfect Response After Being Fat-Shamed at the Gym   (Here's what pisses me off the most.  People say something because you're fat and then you try to change that by going to the gym and they say something because you're fat but obviously trying to do something about it.  How about minding your own damn treadmill)

Then & Now: The Cast of "Home Alone"  (Can't believe it's been 25 years!)

Why Using a Heart Rate Monitor Is Totally Worth It  (Love mine!)

Older man gives heartwarming necktie lesson in train station  (Courtesy of the Mr)

15 Ways to Motivate Yourself That Actually Work  (Good tips!)

Our Favorite Trivia From 'Home Alone'—Which Came Out 25 Years Ago  (The pizza story is interesting, so was the original intended Uncle Frank)

Your Holiday Angst Is America’s Oldest Tradition  (Yay?)

Your iPhone Keeps a List of Everywhere You’ve Ever Been. Here’s How to Delete It  (Mr...check your work phone asap!  Seriously, get up off the couch)

11 Spellbinding Facts About 'The Witches'  (I used to love this movie as a kid.  Angelica was amazing in it)

22 Classic Country Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations  (LOVE the soda crate idea!)

14 Foods You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong (Oh, so that's how you pronounce that)

7 Easy Thanksgiving Breakfasts to Feed the Crowd  (I eat a hard boiled egg, then bring on the feast!)

The Force of Star Wars Collectibles  (For the Mr and other wookie lovers)

We're decorating for Christmas this weekend.  I know, some may think it's jumping the gun but there is far too much going on every weekend after for me to do it with any kind of genuine holiday cheer.

What are you guys getting into this weekend?

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  1. You know it's not a fail if you recognize your mistake and fix it in time, which it appears you're doing, so you're good to go! I'm sure it will be great when done!

  2. I think it's a perfect time to decorate. I fully believe doing it before Thanksgiving is the way to go because there's just not enough time once that weekend hits. I went to see my friend Judy this week and her tree is up in all it's glory in her living room. I loved looking at all the ornaments and it looked so festive and elegant. We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and it's the first time I'd heard Christmas music piped in a place this season.

    We are due to get quite a bit of snow, so I'm hunkering down. Now I won't have any excuses to not do laundry and clean the house (I totally bailed on it last weekend). When you're down to dress socks to wear, it's time to do some washin'. As I'm trying to run two households, it's my own home that has gotten the neglect. Mother Nature is telling me the jig is up and I need to put some clothes in this neat machine that spins a bunch of water and soap. You'd think I was sitting there with a washboard over some rocks the way I procrastinate about doing laundry. Two machines do all the work for me and yet I still battle it. I'm a weirdo.... Have a great time decorating!!!

  3. I can't wait to hear about the DIY Fail...because seriously, it's always nice to know that I'm not the only person that totally screws up sometimes. HA!


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