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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Quick fix for cosmetic dings

Our appliances are going on 10 years old this year.  The dishwasher is about to be outta here if a good Presidents Day sale rears its head, but the fridge has a few cosmetic things that have been irritating me the past two years.

The paint on the shelves has been scratching and dinging for some reason.  My Lord, you'd think we were animals throwing stuff in there.

But there's an easy fix for that!  I have washi tape that sits there waiting for projects that never come...until now.  I had some black and white buffalo check tape that I got in a package deal with red and black and thought I'd give it a go over the scratched edges.

I will say this, if you have scratched or chipped paint, you need to commit to the washi tape because when I tried to peel it off and reposition it, it took the rest of the paint with it!  LOL  But thankfully, I thought this was kinda quaint.

You can change the tape out as often as you want too, but I will probably keep this for a while.  It took so little time that the light didn't even time out while I did it!

I will probably change it out for Christmas since I have some fun ones for that.  I know, it's nothing Earth-shattering, but just in case you're cleaning and came across some washi and were wondering what to do with it.  It's been up for over a week, and the Mr hasn't said a word...I don't know if he even noticed!  😂

What quick fix cosmetic upgrades have you made?

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  1. Huh?...goes and looks in the fridge. Wow! Good job! :-)

  2. That looks really neat! I used wasabi tape to divide out portions of my white-board in my classroom. I made a helmet parking area in the basment with 6 large hooks. It really surprised me how much difference just having the bike/ski helmets put up out of the way made.

    My appliances are getting to that point too. All of them are well over 20 years old so I know I'm already pushing my luck, but I also know that I'll be lucky if their replacements last half as long so I'm not in any hurry.

  3. What a cute idea! I've never used washi tape, but this is brilliant. Both of our fridges need to either be fixed or replaced. The inside one the freezer does not keep anything cold period, so that is now empty and all freezer stuff has been moved to the garage one, which is ancient and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. And the timing unit on my dryer doesn't work so the dryer does not shut off so I've "cooked" many a clothing item when I forget to watch the clock. lol

  4. That a a great idea! My favorite home fixes were putting in a motion light in the laundry room so I have light when carrying the basket in and affixing my area rugs with velcro to the wood floors after straightening the hall rug 10 times a day for 20 years after puppy ran through


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