Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hump Day Poll: What a dish!

It's midweek y'all, and that means it's time for a random Hump Day poll!  As I mentioned yesterday, our appliances are going on 10 years old, and while I think they should last another 10 years, my dishwasher seems to disagree.  We've had problems with it for probably half of its lifespan so I know we're very unlikely to go with another GE Profile.  I'm not saying they're bad, that's what all of our other appliances are and we're pretty happy with most of them, but that particular dishwasher did not last.

We've had Bosch dishwashers in several rentals, and we're pretty sure that is what we're going with when someone has a President's Sale in a few weeks.  The 44-decibel model is the one we're basically sold on because we literally didn't think it was running at the last house.  There's even a red light that pops onto the floor to prove its working.  In addition to cleaning well, we want something whisper quiet.


Our current one is quieter than the model we had before but once it really kicks on, it vibrates the walls, and it's annoying.  On "in the field" dishwasher tests, The Mr put crudded up dishes in the last rental house, and it cleaned like a champ.  It is very frustrating to have to clean dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.   Rinsing is one thing, actually having to use a dish brush, yeah...mama's done with that.

So here's my question.

What kind of dishwasher do you have and would you recommend it?  Any Bosch owners out there that can testify as to whether they last or not?

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  1. So glad you're asking this. There's nothing like getting word of mouth from people who are livin' the dream!

  2. I bought my house from an appliance sales & repairman. One of the things I had written into the contract was that the appliances he chose and purchased stay with the house. I've been here going on 17 years so I know the appliances are older than that and the Whirlpool dishwasher and KitchenAid fridge are still pretty reliable. I've had work done on the fridge, and DIY work done on the dishwasher, but both are still going. I joke about them being in a race to quit (the washing machine is currently winning - also 20+ years old but a cheap Sears model) and I do worry about them quitting, but... so far so good and really my only reason for worrying is the past problems (now fixed) and their age. The dishwasher isn't super quiet, but it's not loud enough to bother me - depending on the acoustics of your kitchen though you might not be happy with it.

  3. I rarely use my dishwasher but it does a decent job, although not great. I find there is occasionally soap film on my glasses and silverware and that's when I decided I'd just use the thing for my stove grates and garbage can lids -- works great for those types of things. I'll have to look at work to see what kind they have because that thing works like a charm and is pretty quiet. I'll post back when I see it.

    1. Mine is a Maytag (meh), and the one at work is a GE QuietPower 3 (I'm impressed with that streaks on glasses).

  4. The last 2 or 3 I have purchased have been Bosch. German engineering, made in the US. Super quiet, long lasting, work great, reasonably priced. What's not to love?

  5. We bought a Bosch a few years ago and are thrilled with it. We had crap luck with dishwashers in the past, replacing them before they broke because they weren't getting the job done. I think we've had both GE and Whirlpool brands, probably the cheaper models. We bought the 2nd most expensive Bosch and it's been so worth it. Our water is a little hard but not enough to make a whole house softener worth the cost. Having one just for the dish washer has been awesome. Like any dish washer it gets gunked up with use but the trap is pretty easy to access and as long as I remember to clean it periodically, our dishes come out clean and sparkly.

  6. We bought a Kitchenaid a year-ish ago and I LOVE it. Our old dishwasher (Amana, came with the house) was so freaking loud and didn't clean very well, but I have no complaints about the one we have now.

  7. My dishwasher came with the house, so it is at least four years old. It is a Kenmore and I use it for everything. I absolutely hate washing dishes by hand and don't pre-rinse anything. It seems to do a good job. When the dishes don't come out clean it is usually my fault for overloading it and restricting water flow. My only issue with it was when the tub wouldn't drain and it would end a wash cycle prematurely. A little investigation and I determined it was my fault for not cleaning the traps often enough and I blocked the drain. Once the drain was cleared it has run without issue. It is also the most quiet dishwasher I have ever used and I've been using them my entire life. My mother got her first dishwasher in 1979 for the house I grew up in because she hated washing dishes.

  8. We bought our house 6 years ago and the dishwasher came with it. It's a Bosch, and I love it. Just like you said, it's so quiet you don't even know it's running (which makes that little red light so helpful!). It does a great job of cleaning and I really like the way the racks are laid out, if that makes sense. When it eventually goes - and hopefully I didn't just jinx myself there - I definitely plan to buy another Bosch.

  9. Can't add input, I have a small kitchen and can't afford giving up cabinets to put one in. My first dishwasher named Tyler moved out 13 years ago and then my second one Connor moved out 5 years ago. So I have Dawn using dawn soap handwashing 😃


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