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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Runnin' on Empty?

For as long as we've been doing this whole exercise thing consistently, there is one thing I know I can't do before a  I mean not even within about two hours.  When we were taking my mother in law out for her birthday, we did an early workout, and I ate about 45 minutes before, but it was just a banana and yogurt.  Oh my Lord, I almost yakked 4x during that 30-minute workout and had to stop a few times! 

95% of the time we workout on an empty stomach (or at least 3 hours after lunch.)  The most I can ever have is something minimal like a pecan stuffed date seems to be our perfect pre-workout snack if we've got a severe case of drop hunger going on before our session. 

What about you?

Do you prefer to workout on an empty stomach, a little something or can you workout even within 30 minutes of a meal?

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  1. I cannot workout full but I seem to have a tolerance for a little something. My preference, however, is an empty stomach and water to stay hydrated. Then post workout I need something usually pretty soon after.

  2. I don't necessarily get sick if I eat before I work out, but I'm a lot more comfortable and can workout with higher intensity if I don't I used to go to curves right after work and an apple on the drive over was just about right.

  3. For the most part I don't eat before working out, particularly if I'm swimming at the Y. That's a two hour session so I'm somewhat hungry when I get done and will have my Glucerna shake on the drive home. If I workout at home and feel hungry beforehand, it's pretty much the same thing which is a piece of bread and a slice of turkey deli meat.

  4. I'm team empty stomach. Just thinking about exercising 30 minutes after eating a big snack, like yogurt and fruit, just makes me feel sluggish. Having an immediate post workout snack works best for me.

  5. It is a balancing act, I prefer to exercise on an empty stomach, but I have to keep my blood sugar levels in mind. It does me no good if I feel like passing out while exercising because my sugar levels are too low. I try to wait at least an hour after a meal to work out and even then I like to keep it light.

  6. My teeth hurt if I exercise too long without food. It's as if they sense the calorie deficit and are trying to pull nutrition through the roots. It happens if I go too long without a meal too but is more pronounced when combined with activity. When I would go to the gym, a banana on the drive over would help but I was never a fan of a meal within 2 hours of a serious workout.


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