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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poll: What's your vacation philosophy?

When it comes to food on vacation, what is your philosophy?

1)  "Plan out where I can eat the most healthy meals so that I can keep as close to my normal plan as possible."

2)  "It's a vacation!  The reigns are loosened, I enjoy myself knowing the scale might not be kind when I get home but get right back on track."

3)  "A mix of the two.  I try to eat well most of the time but give myself the occasional treat."

4)  "I go buck wild, avoid the scale when I get home and don't always get right back to it."

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  1. I'm definitely a #3. We tend to eat "at home" a good portion of the time, but do go out for at least a few meals during the week. This year we are hoping beyond hope to go do the Smoky Mountains (all depends on a full time job/money for me) and have been scoping out cabins. We'll do cooking at the cabin, but will definitely be visiting some local places for meals.

  2. I try really hard for #3. #2 never ends well :).

  3. Addendum...for never ends well for me. I have a really hard time getting back on track if I go to far off the at least for now, it is always moderation in all things. Some treats, some special stuff, but try to eat as much as possible the same way I would eat at home.

  4. I follow option three, a mix of losening the reigns and sticking to my plan. I'm on vacation, which usually involves travelling to another country, so I'll try the local specialties and local wines/beers. But I will also try to eat in moderation and eat well. I try to avoid fast food at all costs while on vacation, eating in small local resturants or pubs, but I will often splurge on desert after a good dinner for a sweet treat. I'll also usually carry healthy snacks like apples, trail mix, or granola bars in my bag for snacks during the day. My vacations are usually quite active - visiting new places and exploring, so even with indulging in resturant meals every day, I usually end up coming home lighter than when I left due to all of the walking.

  5. In the past it was #4 and I always regretted it. This year we are aiming for #2. We are going to be by the lake this year, so a lot of grilling. The reins will be loosened but I have no plans of going crazy.

    When we get back home it will be back to moderation and calorie counting, immediately.

  6. we really go with #3 - we keep to healthy for the most part, but if there is something local we can't get another time, and we really want it, then we will enjoy the treat

  7. Well, I don't have the opportunity to go on vacation very much....but....we are heading to Chicago for a long weekend coming up and here is my philospophy.

    Obviously, going to Chicago I will have deep dish pizza and a hotdog at some point. So....I've asked around to see where the best places to go are. My plan is to eat the best deep dish and the best hotdog I can get my hands on!!!

    I'm going to try and do well for breakfasts and walk around the city as much as possible. So, answer would be #2 - It's vacation!!! I loosen the reigns....for sure don't expect a loss, but get back on track once my vacation is over. :)

  8. Normally it's an absolute free for all. Then again, I haven't been on a vacation since... yep, the last vacation was the week before I joined SP in 2008. I haven't always been faithful to my plan, but I haven't gotten anywhere close to that high again.

    I think if I ever get a vacation again I'll probably try a mix. It's just too hard to go from total free for all to restrictions.

  9. I try to eat as healthy as possible most of the time. Then, when it comes to enjoying the local cuisine, I eat what they eat. I don't limit myself, I will taste a dessert (not eat a whole one as the point is the taste part) and I do not worry about calories for that meal. I don't do it every meal every day, but if you are not willing to savor all the unique things about a place, why go?

  10. "A mix of the two. I try to eat well most of the time but give myself the occasional treat."
    We normally eat out for our vacations, so when we get to the restaurant I tend to order something not too bad and leave some (or eat half-ish) if it's in America. If we're going somewhere like Memphis (known for BBQ), I will most definitely get some, but not eat the whole plate. I don't tend to be a bread person, so that makes it easier to have a variety.


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