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Friday, January 4, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #1

Happy first Friday of the new year!  I hope everyone had a great first week and are on track to get some new habits in line.

Let's skate right into...

6 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues  (The deflation is real, yo)

Back to work blues you're feeling are real, and treatable  (Going back to work sucks anytime but even more now.)

What to Do When You're Too Tired to Work Out   (Just laughed for 5 minutes picturing the Mr and I attempting that ridiculous pose the two chicks are doing. whoever is on the bottom is destined to fart.)

8 Habits of Highly Fit People  (Word to yer mutha)

The DOs and DON'Ts of Clean Eating  (Very good tips if you want to clean up your food game.)

10 Amazingly Easy Breakfasts You Can Make in a Muffin Tin  (Meal prep is key!)

17 Extremely Good Ways to Save Money When You Are Broke As a Joke  (The holiday credit card statement will be coming soon.)

20 Resources for Workout Programs You Can Actually Afford  (Don't forget our favorite

How to Actually Get Sh!t Done With a To-Do List  (I definitely have to write it down. Otherwise it just gets sucked into the background on my desktop.)

11 Food Product Icons You Never Knew Were Based on Real People  (My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R...who else is saying the rest in their head?)

This Rescue Dog And Cat Duo Are The Most Adorable Adventure Buddies   (Oh my goodness!  So sweet!)

We've got some road-trippin' to do this weekend, and that's about it.  I may take Monday off to rest so may or may not see ya then.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I'm glad the work week is over even though it was a very short week. There was a lot to cram in there in three short days, so I need to de-clutter my brain this weekend. LOL I am leading a meeting tomorrow morning, then will probably grocery shop if my hubs has to work. I'll finish putting away the few remaining Christmas decorations (funny how your eyes miss certain things because they've been up for a while!)and will get some bags and boxes over to Salvation Army for donations. It's going to be warm this weekend so I'd like to take the dogs for a walk at the park they like. Then Sunday it's playoff football. =o)

  2. Henry and Baloo are so stinkin' cute!!!


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