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Monday, January 14, 2019

Home From the Holidays

I know it's been a week since our return, but I took advantage of the posts I had scheduled to not jump right back into the frantic "what am I going to write about!?" mindset.  We enjoyed a few weeks in Vermont with a solid finish in Maine for a little relaxation because I don't know how to do that on the main portion of our trips.  We had zero guilt about our excursion, and from what I heard from two people when we got back, we should thank our lucky stars we missed some fireworks.  So time to start looking for our next Christmas getaway...we're going nautical, I think but before we jump ahead, let's recap this trip.

Our tree was the perfect height and I had fun decorating it all "Vermonty."

Of course, Vermont isn't Vermont without covered bridges.

 We were able to build a snowman despite all weather reports being against us.  He was little and ready for a fight.

On our 27th dating anniversary, we went snowshoeing when we saw the trails were open.

Vermont is known for its maple "creamees," and the goats are fans as well.

Christmas Eve night and we're settling in with some Christmas cookies.

Taking in the Christmas magic.

We went to the Jericho Historical Society to see the old red mill but actually got quite the schooling on "Snowflake" Bentley which is fascinating!  He's the reason you know that no two snowflakes are alike!

Obviously, when snow is on the ground, and a sledding hill is available, we're going down it.  (Well, I am and telling him to put on his booties.)

Then it was on to the next house for New Years week.  Holy crapballs.  The cabin we just stayed in was the size of the garage.  We easily got our steps in just walking that place.  I made sure to utilize the awesome kitchen while we were there and pretend it was mine.

We weren't far from the town of Woodstock, VT which is consistently named the most Christmasy town year after year.

One of our favorite stops was the Billings Farm/national park.  If you're ever in the area, make sure you go!

Obviously, a trip (or three) was in order to the Vermont Country Store.

It was a quiet (ish) NYE at home.  I baked, and we tested my new angel bells from childhood.  You'll hear more about how 2018 ended in another post.

This was the view from our house.  Breathtaking.

I surprised the Mr with a trip to the local falconry where we got to have a hawk land on us from close and great distances.  It was pretty amazing.

This was the game room in our house.  Can you believe we didn't even play pool, ping pong or air hockey until our last full day there!?

The morning we left we had snow, and I wasn't missing it.

We made a stop at Funstop in NH where they filmed the documentary King of Kong.  The Mr was quite a happy boy.

Then on to Kennebunkport Maine to round things out.  I love their buoy tree with a lobster toppah.

Our visit back to Ogunquit Beach was quite different from when we were there in May, so I took advantage. 

75% of the town was closed, but it's still beautiful.

We rounded things out at an afternoon tea in New York on our way home.  We had a wonderful time and not without its challenges here and there, but that's life. 

I know it's late were your holidays?

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  1. Wow that looks awesome! I'm so glad you guys had a great getaway and welcome back. Christmas seems so long ago give me now. I just got back from a week in France for work. Have a great day

  2. It was an amazing trip and it did feel like we were living in a Christmas wonderland for a while, even after Christmas day. So glad we went and I will cherish all the memories forever!

  3. Sounds like another great trip! Holidays were good here, but like Dawn said it feels like it's been a long time since Christmas. I'm back to work and the boy's extracurriculars full-speed ahead. Ugh. It's going to be a long 6 weeks between the school play and basketball.

    Seeing the pictures of your cabin makes me wish I could do that for Christmas - even if not Vermont. I bet I could get a similar cabin a few hours drive from me. Something to think about anyway.

  4. Such incredible pictures! It really does look like a winter wonderland right out of a movie. What an ideal location for some Christmas magic! So glad you went and left all the stress behind to enjoy these days to the fullest. What a great way to end the year and bring in the new!

    My holidays were actually quite nice. It was a really nice Christmas weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves. I prepped dinner on Christmas Eve which made it a breeze on Christmas Day...and no dishes. LOL New Year's was low key, but I'm good with that. I didn't do any chores those two days so that was reason enough to celebrate. Ha!


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