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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jinx! Embers! Cheese ball!

Well, as usual, I jinxed myself with the juice thing.  No dice yesterday.  But I was glad to see such a response to the subject.  We talk about it all here.

Speaking of which, I've gotten emails, comments and messages about how the weight loss coming and such.  Here's the short version...we've maintained this year.  I know that's something to be celebrated to a degree but I'll go into it more soon.  Just know I don't post weigh in's anymore because they're the same every week.  Up, up then down.  Same, same, same.  Up, down up, up, down, down.


Not exciting, I know.  To see it in writing just reinforces we're not doing what needs to be done and I'm pissed that it's not really registering on my "things I give a sh*t about" list right now.  Sometimes embers can be re-stoked, sometimes they continue to smolder waiting for the right wind to come along.

I promise I'll never let them die though.  I would be letting you down but more importantly we'd be letting us down and that's not happening because being almost 500 lbs again will NEVER be an option.  I'm not satisfied with maintenance but not doing much to break the cycle either.  I'll address it more in the near future.  I don't have it in me to get all deep with the holiday sitting in my lap.  ;-)  But thank you to all who have asked and expressed your concern, I appreciate it!
Tomorrow is turkey day, ya'll.  I'm making my "famous" cheese ball today to sit overnight and let the flavors settle in.  I'll try to remember to take pics and put up a recipe.  (Trust me, I know I'm slacking there too.  Embers...remember?)  Tomorrow morning I'll make our light pumpkin pie (the full sized version of these light pumpkin pie cups) and since my family doesn't really care if I slave over my delicious stuffing, I just save myself the time and dump some cornbread and onion and sage stuffing together, bake it and take it.  Crap, I need to cut and saute my veggies today so I don't have to do it tomorrow.  We're eating at 2pm which is like the worst time.  In between meal times and we'll have to get up early and do a workout which means I'll be like sludge.  I think I have Walk Away the Pounds scheduled.  I wanted something easy but uses weights too.  WATP is usually good for about 650 calories so that's fine.  I'm hoping to get a snowball fight started but with my luck, I'll get nailed in the face and get a shiner just in time for company Saturday.  *rolling eyes*

If you're traveling today, please be careful!  Get there alive not fast.  Give yourself plenty of time and have a safe holiday!

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, do you host or bring side dishes?  Do you have a specialty that people request? 

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  1. I like what you say about the embers. We have been in such a plateau that it seems tough to climb out of but we still see those embers burning and know it's never too late to stoke them. The fact is that just maintaining the way we have is nothing to be ashamed of but we are not at our goals yet and need to buckle down soon and find a way to forge ahead.

    To everyone. Once she puts that cheeseball recipe up, you MUST try it. It is so freaking good! Her family goes crazy for it and needs to have it every get together and sometimes they fight over the leftovers.

    1. I think you 2 are amazing and I know you won't let those embers go out, keep up the blog and the good work you guys do.

    2. The cheeseball is quite good. I don't know why my family always tries to short cut it then wonders why it doesn't taste the same. If they only knew 33% less fat cream cheese was the real secret!

  2. We are doing things waaaay different this year. Since its just the four of us, we are having bacon wrapped filet mignon on the grill and maybe garlic mashed taters. Yeah, totally not any where near traditional. Makes being so far away from family feel less noticeable.

  3. I only wish I could go with a not-traditional menu. My hubby's head would probably explode though so I'll just do it. He and/or my mom do the bird and we all do the sides. Usually mom brings dessert or the stuff to make dessert and then also brings random ingredients that I don't have on hand and we make dinner together. They'll be here later today. I think we're going to do a lasagna tomorrow (hubby has to work) and then do the whole turkey-fest on Friday. Maybe not until Saturday.

    I make a mustard sauce that my BIL requests every time we get together and my son has been reminding me to make for weeks, and my whole family counts on my rolls. Both recipes came from my mom so I can't really take the credit though. I'm also making your stuffing because I liked it and I'm not generally a fan. When I talked to my mom she remembered it being really good too.

    I'm not a fan of 2-3pm meals either. Too early to eat lunch before, but too late not too. My SIL used to host all the time and we'd show up starving and then inhale whatever appetizers might be out. Then afterwards, around 9 o'clock we'd be hungry again, I'd much rather do it at an actual meal time.

    1. Do it for the hubs...take one for the team! ;-) So honored my stuffing has found a place at your Thanksgiving table and glad you like it!

      Yeah I don't know why this is becoming a "thing" with my family about doing this stupid time. I can't wait until 10am to eat breakfast (the Mr DEFINITELY can't) and while I've been known to wait until 2pm to eat, it just seems different on Thanksgiving day to wait that long especially when we've always done it at 1pm. When we move to Hawaii, it's going to be at 1pm dammit!! :-)

  4. I completely understand the whole embers thing. I'm right there with the two of you. My weight hasn't moved much in the last year at all and I can't seem to find the drive that I had to lose the last 60 lbs.

    As for special requests, I've been asked to make my sausage and apple stuffing. My boyfriend won't attend a thanksgiving dinner without it. Sometimes I think it is his only motiviation to attend dinner's with my extended family. And I ususally get asked to make desert, typically a strawberry chessecake.

    1. I just have to try not to throw water on mine so often. Exercise has been awesome and food is good through the week but the weekends are becoming out downfall. I wish I cared more about that right now but I don't.

      Mmm, that stuffing sounds yummy! Hey, whatever gets the boyfriend there, right? ;-) Ooh, the Mr would love that cheesecake!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Anele, and to the Mr. May God bless you even more then He already has.

  6. We have Thanksgiving every year and I cook everything but the bird...the hubs does that. When we have two birds, then I cook one and he does the other. I had planned on doing some stuff tonight, but I opted not to. It was a taxing week at work and I just needed to mentally relax tonight. When I look at the list of things I have to do, it's really not that bad. I wanted to do all the chopping tonight, but when I thought about it, I use my little chopping machine so it's all done in under 10 minutes anyway. I tend to get myself too worked up about things like that and this year I said I'm not doing that. It's midnight and I'm still up, but I'll take care of all the time consuming things in the morning and then will take a wee lil' nap so I'll be refreshed for the afternoon. The hubs really helped today and took off a little early from work to go to two stores for me while I was at work. He got all the last minute fresh items for me so I wouldn't have to battle the nutcases at the grocery store. I bought mom a Taylor Timer with a whiteboard for Christmas and it allows you to write up to 4 items on this cute little whiteboard with a timer for each item. Mom is always stressing about timing everything out, so this will be a nice stocking-stuffer for her. There's a part of me that wants to take it out of the pkg tomorrow just to test it out myself! lol.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!


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