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Friday, November 8, 2013

Rest, merriment and what I'm reading this week

Happy Friday all!  This week went by kind of fast for me.  I'm not complaining though...welcome weekend!

I'm looking forward to a light workout today and a friggin' rest.  My muscles are spent.  I think I'm ready to change over to the winter scheme in the bedroom.  The temps are getting ready to take a plunge and I can think of nothing more lovely than to curl up in that beautiful, plush duvet I got last year.  It makes me feel all fancy pants.

Enough about my pants.  Lets get to...

Why My Hamstrings Are Always Tight  (This makes a lot of sense given the three things they mention are weak on me!)

Illustrated Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving

Secrets of the Super Fit

Foam Rolling Exercises You Should Be Doing  (The leg one made me laugh but I bet it would provide some relief)

Working Long Hours is Like Working for Free  (For the workaholics out there)

Why Tea is So Good For You  (I lurve me some tea)

How to Prevent Winter Weight Gain  (No extra blubber layer required this year, thank you!)

9 Simple Ways to Prevent Alzheimers  (Good info)

How to Build an Autumnal Centerpiece  (Very pretty.  I wanna make one!)

Rethinking Cancer Recovery  (This is absolutely right!  Something to think about!)

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts  (Break out your punkins and squash!)

Vive Le Rock: Adam Ant Looks Back at His Classic Videos  (What a cutie back in the day)

5 Tips for Managing Curly Hair  (Good tips!)

10 Minute Fat Frying Workout  (This is a really good one.  Video starts on landing)

Customers to Kmart:  "Shame on you!"  (I worked retail in my teens and if I had to work Thanksgiving I'd quit.  But shouldn't the people that should be "shamed" be the people who are demanding these stores are open almost all day on a family holiday?  No demand, no supply needed.  I'm not knocking people wanting to shop but come on, can't we let those poor retail people spend a friggin' holiday with their family if they want to??)

This Guy's Wife Got Cancer, So He Did Something Unforgettable  (Tissues)

Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Take Their Shoes Off?  (It's funny because we don't wear shoes in the house and in Hawaii it's a BIG no-no to wear shoes in the home due to the red dirt dying the floors.  We keep our shoes by the front door and our guests have always taken it as a cue to take theirs off.  We don't ask them to but it's nice they show enough respect to do so.)

This weekend we're going on a little road trip to make rather merry for the first Christmas event of the year.  I need to remember to charge my camera.  I've got yuletide bursting from my pores and I need to get it out in a place they don't Christmas shame you for being ready to celebrate the second week of November.  :-)

Whatchu guys got on tap for the weekend?

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  1. Wow. Just when I think you couldn't possibly find a bunch of links to outdo previous Friday entries you go and do these! Lots of good info up there. Good job!

  2. The whole "shame on stores for being open Thanksgiving" thing makes me fume. Like you noted, it's the very folks who cry "oh the poor workers" who waddle on over to KMart on t-giving because they are bored or are trying to get away from their own families. Hypocrites, all of them.

    But we have to really look at the heart of the issue. A lot of retail establishments don't have unions. If they had a union they'd have a large bargaining body that could prevent the stores from taking advantage of them at times like this. (that's not to say unions are perfect, but they were established just for issues like this, where companies were over stepping their bounds).

    1. Exactly. When I was a kid/teen, it was you made your dish for Thanksgiving, you went over and had your meal, the guys watched football and us girls would start looking over the ads for Black Friday. Of course *I* don't go out on Black Friday because I'm way past done by then it's the matter of spending time together laughing and being in a food coma together. If you can't spend one or two days a year together with your family, you've got issues. Suck it up like we've all had to do. Maybe focus on making it fun/memorable and staying clear of the people you can't stand like the rest of us have had to do for eons.

  3. Not sure what's on tap for the weekend, but I know it will include lots of paper grading. boo. Silly kids turning in their work, and now I have to grade it.

    No time to read your reads this morning, but I'm sure they're interesting as always. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I know, the nerve of them expecting a grade! ;-) Enjoy the weekend whatever you choose to do!

  4. Just had to say I really enjoy your "what I'm reading" posts. I work a desk job that leaves me waiting for the phone to ring, therefore a lot of twiddling my thumbs at times. This post keeps my brain occupied for at least a little while. Thanks!

  5. I like PopSugar workouts - I do need to try these different ones more often, I get stuck in my easy elliptical rut.

    I really dislike shoes so I'm never wearing them in my house. People seem to notice and do the same. My carpet is so trashed from the kids already that I really don't care though.

    1. Yeah Popsugar has some great workouts. I particularly liked some of the moves in that one I want to incorporate.

      We've got light carpet and it doesn't take much to make it look dirty. It's probably approaching about 10 years old and we're hoping to get some updated laminate to take out from the kitchen and into the whole living room but with an area rug for the couch area. I like having carpet under mah tootsies! :)

  6. Okay, as you probably could guess this one got to me: This Guy's Wife Got Cancer, So He Did Something Unforgettable (Tissues)

    Such a sad story....I just kept hoping and praying, as I went through the pictures, that she would beat it. Sometimes when my husband complains about gaining weight (the hormone shots cause it), and the doctors talk to him about trying NOT to lose weight, perhaps, but NOT to gain anymore, I think to myself, "But he WILL lose weight eventually, so why not enjoy eating NOW?" Does anybody with cancer die fat? I don't think so.

    1. Yeah I was hoping you wouldn't read that one. But people out there who have not seen cancer up close need to be aware of what it looks like, the people it affects and how society treats them. (The pic of the girl on the street looking at her like she could catch it irritated me big time)

      Tell his docs to go screw themselves. He should eat whatever he wants and do it with gusto.

  7. My mom still struggles with neuropathy in her leg from the chemo. She did have physical therapy to try to help with it, so that article was very interesting to me. This weekend I'm taking care of some Christmas stuff myself. Got my cards all addressed today, so just need to throw on the stamps and I'm good to go. I also just got a coupon in my email from Sur La Table with some discounts and free shipping over $59. I'm going to wander over there to see if they have any copper items to add to my kitchen (to at least put on a wish list). I have a meeting the morning, then I'm footloose and fancy free.

    1. Yeah I think my aunt does too and she still gets tired and it's been 5 years for her. I don't know that she went through physical therapy afterward. Oh thank God, okay, I'm going to address mine too! I've got them up there but I know time is slipping away. I send them the day before Thanksgiving so they get there the day after and am the first Christmas card of the season. People set their watch by my Christmas cards! LOL Ooh, now you make me want to go to Sur La Table!

  8. Just wanted to say love the attitude, my mom taught me to never worry about what others think, it's what you think of yourself that matters, probably why I grew up never hating myself

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you had a good mama teach you that early on!

  9. I wouldn't be so bold as to label someone "rude" for their no shoes request but I can definitely say that I find the request annoying. I always feel bad for the unsuspecting person in the group caught with a hole in their sock or mismatched colors. For me, my shoes are a part of my outfit and also, taking them off signals a level of comfort and familiarity I reserve for my own home or that of a relative or really close friend.


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