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Friday, November 1, 2013

Christmas beast and what I'm reading this week

It's November 1st...this means I'm officially in Christmas beast mode.  Last night I put on my Christmas music to sleep to...the instrumental stuff so it was still soothing.  I've got Christmas projects all over the table which I'm sure is pushing the Mr to his limits.  I'm starting to research the cookies I'm going to make for other people this year.  Don't worry, I have 2-3 weeks until the decorations go up so I'm not going that nuts just yet.  But it's going to be a busy season so I need to start making lists to attempt to keep myself sane.  Last year I burnt out hard and the Mr doesn't like to see that when this is supposed to be a time for me to bask in the magic, yo.  I know, I know, no one is ready for it yet.  No need to poo in my Cheerios.  ;-)

Now let's get to...

How Long It Takes to Burn Off Your Favorite Halloween Candy  (Nothing like starting with a downer.  Or maybe it's motivation not to raid the kid's bag?  HA!)

Day After Halloween Detox

Fleetwood Mac Cancels Tour After John McVie Cancer Diagnosis  (Get well John!)

Life Hacks from 100 Years Ago That You Still Want to Know Today  (Interesting, let's hope I never have to use them!)

6 DIY Cleaning Solutions for Last Season's Clothes

Losing Water Weight vs. Losing Fat

5 Sneaky Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

Bob Barker to Return to Price Is Right for 90th Birthday  (This should be interesting.  Bob was REALLY cranky the last 5 years at TPIR, I wonder if he'll be able to fake a smile for an hour.)

Elvis' Granddaughter Gives Beatdown on Justin Timberlake's new TKO video (NSFW if you watch the vid)  (I'm not recommending the video but it's definitely designed to create controversy.  Riley Keough is absolutely beautiful though.  Looks just like her mama and grandmama)

10 Least Reliable Cars  (Is your car on the list?)

14 Things You Don't Need to Buy

Star Wars Blooper Reel Emerges  (For the Mr.)

Broken Wheels, Safari Tabs and Inaccessible Thermostats  (I used to unfold a paper clip and put it through the top of the thermostat lock box in the file room.  HA!  Screw you old bosses!  No plastic cage can contain me!)

Politely Rude:  8 Graceful Ways to Break Tech Etiquette When You Absolutely Must  (Everyone should be given these rules the second they get a mobile device)

Mythbusting Internet Food Rumors

9 Ways to Burn Even More Calories Outside  (I need to utilize the park benches more and get over that people might stare)

A Soldier and His Unusual Baby Best Friend  (Aww, nugget!)

I've got a few shopping trips, some college ball, dinner at my favorite pizza place and a few open houses planned for the weekend.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. I've got a few shopping trips, some college ball, dinner at our favorite pizza place and a few open houses planned for the weekend. LOL

    But seriously, hard to believe October is already done. Have at it my lil Christmas Beast!

    1. What a coincidence you have the same thing planned that I do! ;-)

      Time to grab some Christmas stuff and drive you nuts today my teleworking co-worker!

  2. I was too scared to click on your first link. No one needs to know how many calories are in those sugar bombs, haha. I just had an almond butter cup or two and went to bed. It was pouring, and apparently we don't get many trick-or-treaters in my apartment complex... and if we did... well I probably slept through it, haha

    D @ The Kosher Cave Girl

    1. LOL, I know, right!? But I was curious and in case people need some motivation to not go back for 2nds and 12ths today. ;-) We NEVER get trick or treaters in our 'hood. I don't know why, there are tons of housing/condo additions in our area and kids could really rake it up. I can count on both hands how many kids we've gotten here in 17 years! Your loss kiddies.

  3. The squirrel story. . .so dang cute.

  4. Interesting reading as always. Ending with the squirrel story gives me warm fuzzies to take into what's going to be a long day. Thank you for that.

    1. I aim to please. Hope the day goes by quickly for you!

  5. Like the story about TKO - Riley really shares a family resemblance.

    Hopefully I am getting my house clean and in order for in-law overnight visit the following weekend. I also need to develop a holiday plan. I admire how you get started so early!

    1. Isn't she stunning? I'd kill for those legs of hers. Total girl crush. LOL

      When you're done, if you'd like to head over here, I would love to have you get my house together! :-)

      I'm 95% done with my Christmas shopping. I like to be done by this time so I can be wrapped, done and enjoy festivities.


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