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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wrong cookie, seasoned meat and Christmas squee

This weekend was exhausting.  Well, not Saturday more Sunday.

Saturday we got Chinese food for the first time in ages and I got this fortune.

I was highly irritated with this.  If I'd not had another cookie to forage the fortune from I would've felt like driving to the fortune cookie company, punching the fortune guy square in the gonads and leaving.

Because we're only having one turkey and one ham this year, that will mean no turkey leftovers for us so I cooked one up yesterday.

Hello lover.
Need a closer peek?

See, that's why I love to do the turkey with an herb butter assault before roasting.  No basting and it's already seasoned when it comes out.  Click here for the directions on how to serve this deliciousness to your family Thursday.

This year I decided to make my own turkey stock.  So I got the carcass, neck, some old veggies, the middle of the new celery, bay leaves and peppercorns and chucked it all in a pot for 4 hours.  I drained all the chunks and now it's in the fridge waiting to have the fat skimmed off before going into the freezer.  Well one will be going into the dressing Thursday but the rest will be used for a test batch of Grandma's noodles.

I was bummed that we weren't in Memphis to see the treelighting this year like we were a few years ago, especially after I saw Deacon from Nashville was the special guest.  I watched it though and if you're interested in seeing him do a little concert, click here and watch the festivities!

I wanted the Christmas tree up come hell or high water and I just didn't have much energy to deal with it.  Can't I just hire a couple of those elves on shelves or whatever the hell they are and they'll do it for me overnight without raiding my medicine cabinet and judging how long it's been since I cleaned my baseboards?  I had a lot of food prep to get done this weekend for a football spread we're doing next weekend.  I wanted to get as much done ahead of time as I could so I'm not a twitching ball of hell before our guest gets here.  Of course I'm going overboard but I so rarely get a chance to flex my entertaining gene and for a foodie whose been to top rated restaurants no less so it's a good excuse to go a little more extravagant than usual.  After doing all of that, I knew we had to workout or time would get away from us.  We did strength and yoga and I burned 585 calories then we had some turkey sliders and mashed potatoes for dinner.  (I know, I'm totally going to ruin our appetite for Thanksgiving.)

I eeked out the last bit of energy I had to get the tree up while listening to my childhood Christmas favorites.  I think it looks pretty good...

I've still got a lot of stuff to get done over the next few days but now that I can come down and plug in the tree, anything will feel more cheery because of it!  Exploding with Christmas squee!!  (A big shout out to the Mr for all of his help!)

What did you do this weekend?  Out of curiosity, how much are turkeys in your neck of the woods per pound?

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  1. With my grocery store coupon I got my turkey for 55 cents a pound. Would love to see how that fares with everyone else here.

    1. Great price! (Though I'm still lamenting the fact they were $.29/lb like 3 years ago)

  2. I got one at Aldi a few weeks ago for 1.19$/lb (it was Butterball).
    I think they're 0.99$/lb now at regular grocery stores

    1. That's pretty comparable to here as well. Butterballs are running $1.99/lb though. They claim there's a "shortage." Mmm hmm.

  3. I was counting on Safeway doing their flat rate special but they didn't this year. I think I paid .59/pound for my store brand one. The name brand were .99 and 1.29 per pound.

    I didn't do much this weekend. This next week, my "vacation", is going to be crazy busy though so I guess I was resting up. I thought my folks were coming for a couple days but I found out last night that they're coming Wednesday afternoon and staying until Sunday morning. It's great to see them, but I wasn't expecting quite so long a visit. There will be no downtime and no catching up on my dvr as I had fantasized about. Visiting will be better, but I'm working on rearranging my mindset from a laid back mini-vacation to a go go go one.

    1. Not bad! That's about $.30 more per lb than we're paying here. I miss Safeway.

      What a double edged sword having your plans changed a little. I know you were looking forward to a day of down time. ;-)

  4. Turkeys are SO much cheaper in the US than Canada. A REALLY good deal here is $1.99/lbs, but those suckers have probably been frozen 6 months and will taste nasty unless you drown it in gravy. Fresher turkeys are going to run you, on a good deal, $2.99/lbs+. My parents always splurge for Thanksgiving and Christmas and we buy our turkey from a farmer who raises them free range and those are never frozen and are roughly $5/lbs, but they taste DIVINE. :)

    PS, beautiful tree!!!

    1. I will never complain about the price of turkey again. For that price, I'd probably employ one of my "outdoorsy" relatives to shoot my turkey for me!

      Thanks! I love having it plugged in and the lights off. Instant stress relief.

  5. LOL I think that fortune cookie fortune would have made me laugh! cute

  6. I thought that "fortune" was funny too! I featured a fortune cookie on my blog last Friday (it was a good fortune, hope it comes true).

    My folks had us out for an early thanksgiving, as we'll be spending the actual holiday with the hubby's side. I likey turkey!

    1. You can have the fortune. The alternate one was "Life is a mountain, not a beach." Did they let Pranky and Downer Smurfs do the fortunes that day??

      Turkey = awesome.

  7. I do the same kind of stock, but with whole it! Very busy weekend as well with a Thanksgiving celebration out in the 'burbs and shopping/prep for Thursday. We got our turkey for 68 cents a pound because we bought $40 worth of grocerys (saved $9 on the bird). I do one in the oven and he does one in the deep fryer for the ones who love the Cajun seasonings. The cheapest price I've seen is $1.19 lb; the hubs says Target had them for $0.99 lb.


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